Monday, November 10, 2008

Standing at the Water's Edge

I am reading a book by Anne Paris about the creative process. Interesting perspective as addresses the psychological blocks that prevent artists from working. She is a psychologist who seem to specialize on artists who have problems expressing themselves. These problems are procrastination, diversions, writer's blocks,etc. Anything that prevents artists from doing their work. According to the author, procrastination and other such things that prevent writers from writing is quite normal. In fact, it is during these acts of procrastination that the artist is actually creating.

Good timing for me to read this book. Procrastination shows that one is actually not ready for the so-called immersing act of creativity. There are blocks that prevent the artist from getting into the immersed state. The author provides may ways to be ready for getting immersed into creativity. Principally, the solution lies in one's relationship to others. I agree using my example. I feel that I am living a double life by trying to be writer. I am keeping all the challenges to myself and I should really bring in my family into my efforts. The idea is to allow them to encourage me, so I can also discuss my issue in the act of creation or writing.

Also, getting immersed into writing will not be difficult because my family will know what I am doing. These days, without them knowing what I am doing, my wife and kids think that I am just surfing the Internet. I feel that to write I should go away from the house, to the library or the park so I can concentrate and work. But this should not be the solution because it does not solve the root problem. So there is no acceptance form my immediate family, in fact it is a hidden act, treated with shame. This is the root problem. Instead, it should be handled with pride with everyone supporting in the act. Oftentimes, it is my friends who I can tell of my aspirations.

These insight from the book allow me to understand the challenges The author treats it like a psychological problem instead of an issue of skill or motivation. An interesting book which give some ideas on how to overcome procrastination and writer's block. Most artist see a therapist to reach this understanding and some writer's even suggest to see a therapist to help unblock creativity. I am glad I can read this book without paying a shrink. I now realize the other factors that affect artists and it's not only the skills and motivation. So the book has come at the right time for me. It prevents me from blaming myself again which I usually do.

There is really so much that I still don't know. The love of books and reading and writing is really not enough. There is a wider area that still needs to be considered to be a successful writer. Other areas like the psychological preparation, planning and organization of writing is the areas I have not focused on. Is it too late? I always think that my age will prevent me from being what I want to be. In fact I start to feel the ravages of my age, maybe not physically but more on the mental side if I am not careful. But then again it's more the alignment of my thinking process that's changing with my new experiences and knowledge. Wow, that a lot of bull!

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