Friday, November 28, 2008

Off to China

I spend to much time in meetings these days. Meetings about new procedures, about problems, about new tools and what have you. Almost all the managers spend their time in meetings. Now I know why things don't get done. I always read about wasting time in meetings and I now realize why although maybe useful if done well. I guess that is how executives in the top rungs like to spend their time at their level. For me, I always like to get my hand's dirty and be an operations guy. But as one grows old, I guess one cannot help it but 'progress' into meeting mode.

I realize there is a special skill needed in meetings. One should have good communication ability and a take charge attitude. I think I can like participating in these meetings. The trick is to find the loop hole or gap and charge in. It's like looking for the enemy's weakness and going into the gap and exploiting the weakness. The weapons are verbal thrusts and parry to defeat the enemy through words and clever maneuver. Often time, when one runs out of tactics, the person makes up by raising his voice, creating a scene and repeating the other mistakes in an attempt to cover his empty armory. But this is a game that one should inevitably master.

I will be leaving for China on Sunday. The business project leader will be unable to make it due to the closure of the Bangkok airports. I hope the airports open soon so she can participate. It's a nightmare that this situation is unfolding in Thailand. It's really chaos and the rule of the mob. Democracy in all it's implications and responsibilities have not really seeped in I think like in most Asian countries. The principles of Jeffersonian democracy requires a rare maturity. Only the USA seems to have achieved this goal. But I suspect some hidden hand possibly due to royal politics coming to a head in anticipation of the departure of the revered king.

Last night, I wrote to my overseas controllers asking about news. A reply will come much later due to their holidays. I feel that I should keep the communication going; showing a positive, eager and enthusiastic side. I can't help but feel that I am like a beggar requesting for some scraps of food. But sometimes I am at the other extreme; thinking that they should exert more effort to try and woo me. But as usual I think to much. I can't help it because it's a dream that is coming true and I can't help feeling that one will always be disappointed in life. I realize though that going there will really be that start of a pleasant struggle because life is not as easy as compared here. But I now know that life can really be simple and easy where one can achieve one's dreams as long as one can control his passions and urges.

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