Thursday, November 27, 2008

Economic Crisis

Now that I have a firm offer to transfer overseas, the economic crisis comes along to mess things up. Like most companies, a memo has been issued that some production slow downs are planned as well as technical lay offs in Europe and USA. I begin to fear that my prospects for transfer will be imperiled. It's a fear only without corroboration from personnel. I plan to write to them and raise the question. But I think it will not be cancelled but only delayed due to the retirement of a lot of employees. I just wonder if the government will be amenable to hire foreign talents despite the unemployment problem.

But I think the economic crises due to a slow down in housing and consumption can be fixed by a significant increase in immigration. Opening the borders will allow new immigrants with money to come and start spending. The backlog of houses can be cleared once immigration is relaxed. Perhaps a political issue but nevertheless a possible solution to the crises. Let the world's hungry and desperate masses come to the new world and solve it's problem. It's been done before many times and will make the economy more diverse and strong I think.

I think that the boss's man project will also need people and I can work there in case my transfer is delayed. I am still working on my project which is still proceeding at least until the end of next year. I will be leaving for China next week to start the training. We will be preassured in the coming months with the deployment. We are quite busy and I think it will take a lot of time. It's only now working with outsource agents that I now understand the new procedures. It's all about documentation and I am going deeper into the use of the PPM tool. I hope that I get to use all these new knowledge and experience in my overseas assignment.

I am keen to go to China and meet my team mate from head office. The last time we met was in Thailand where we deployed the application. It was a fun time and we enjoyed ourselves buying some 'fake' goods. I hope to finish reading all the books that I borrowed though I know that I will bring some with me. I am listening to Perez-Reverte's excellent book 'The Painter of Battles'. I feel he is at the cutting edge of novelists; creating a new genre of books that speak about painting, war, photography and European history. It's a mix that is unique and exhilarating like no one has ever combined this heady mixture before.

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