Thursday, November 6, 2008

Outsourcing Support

IBM is taking over our support operations in the coming days. So I have been busy attending a lot of trainings on the new operations. I think we will have problems because the new processes are a bit cumbersome. I think I may have under estimated the problems. It's only now that I realize the problems. I can no longer rely on my current suppliers who have access to the servers. I think I need to work fast and try to think of a work around. I think I am in a mess if things do not turn out right. Now it's going to be a big challenge with more work involved.

While attending a seminar remotely, I read the news stories of the US election. Obama is quite an extraordinary and inspiring person. I hope he can really solve the current problems facing the USA because of the repercussionst to the world. Personally, I have suffered a lot in my stock market investments and I hope his election will give some confidence on the markets. Obama, I think has the right combination of temperament and skill needed in this particular point in history. His books, speeches and oratory are quite extraordinary.

The overseas offer is now firming up. I got an email the other day giving me an update. Now there is a real chance to transfer. I am grateful but I know the actual move will take place maybe 3-6 months down the road. Quite far away but can move very swiftly. I still have a lot of things to do especially with my ongoing projects. Now I find that there is less time left with the deadline coming in. Wow I am starting to grow old with the realization of all these responsibilities. But change is in the air, in the election, in the USA, everywhere in the world. Soon in my life as well.

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