Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Wife's Birthday

It's my wife birthday today in Singapore. In Eastern Standard Time in the USA, the date is still a few hours away. Officially it will be tomorrow. It's now a holiday here so I spent most of the morning talking to my relatives in the Philippines and my wife and son in Singapore. I used the telephone and the Internet via MSN Messenger and Skype. We were holding three way conversation between Singapore, Philippines and USA. It's amazing how technology could bring us together. Of course, it was a bit difficult because it was near midnight in Asia while it was midday noon in South Carolina.

I could not speak at length with my wife because she is still feel weak from her stay in the hospital. I called my good friend in Singapore and we agreed that it's best to have someone fly over from the Philippines to Singapore to watch over her. So I called my mom, my sister in law and brother in law and discussed the various options. It was decided that my sister in law would move forward her visit to Singapore to around the 5th of June. So it will be only about 2 weeks more before my wife will have company. I hope she has the strength to be strong until her sister arrives. Otherwise, it will be a disaster.  I think I may have to fly over there myself to keep her company.

But I organized a schedule where my son would log in MSN Messenger every morning before he goes to school and early evening once he is back and finished studying. My sister in law and brother in law (who is a doctor), myself and my son will call in and have a video phone talk with her so we can see her and try to lift her spirits. I guess it is the stress of moving, the lack of company and the self-pity that is dampening her spirits. I even think that she may be in a depression without her realizing it. My brother in law told me that it is normal for her to be weak after all the medication she has received and also as a result from recuperating from the fevers.  I guess I am overreacting again to the situation.

I am glad that the Internet could help in this situation as we were able to organize an action plan while conversing on the Internet video conference tool. It would be useful to bring us closer and help her recover faster. The most difficult thing is to have good mental health to overcome these difficulties. I guess I have to try and help in the selling of the flat from here. I have to take a lot of responsibility from here and also ask my younger son to help out. I guess these experiences will help us become closer and I appreciate that my kids are responsive and actively helping but I am afraid that I may be pushing them. I wonder what are the thoughts in my wife's mind and I need to speak to my friend to find out what had transpired last Friday.

I think it is easier for me because I can write all my feeling down so I can handle my stress. My wife keeps everything inside which may be making the situation more difficult. I am afraid that the situation may be worse unless she unburdens herself. Sometimes I think that her mind loops into negativity. Now I think that I have to be the strong optimistic type and it's a role that I have to play to keep thing together until my wife gets her strength back. This is one of the difficulties of moving that I never anticipated. I think I have to ask the company and find out how we can help her. I will arrange with our personnel to have the airlines know about her medical situation so they can take better care of her.

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