Saturday, May 9, 2009

Star Trek

We watched the new Star Trek movie last night with my son after I came home from work. It was a good movie, a prequel to the current series. All the old characters are portrayed cleverly. It focused on the human aspect rather than special effects with enough science theories to keep it at a top level. It was a brilliant movie that I think will bring new life into the series. I think it is the same tactic the producers did with the James Bond series. Kick starting the series by introducing a new actor in a prequel or how the super spy started in the business. I guess prequels had their start with Francis Ford Coppola with his 'Godfather II'.

After watching the movie, we went to Wendy's and bought burgers for dinner. It was fun to watch the movie here and see all the fans. The office also had a lot of fans who are awaiting the opening of the movie. I always felt that the Star Trek fan club was a Philippine thing having grown up with people that really enjoyed the show. I even bought a model USS Enterprise in grade school. But seeing that people here are even more familiar with the show, I realize that global culture has deep roots and exist below the surface. People identify with the culture and take ownership and when one see it manifested in another culture, one can't help but feel that people are the same everywhere.

My wife called me early this morning at about 4:30am. She asked if my name was the same in the Identity card. I thought that it was related to the issue I have here in the local government agency because of the tone of her voice. But it was in fact the real estate broker asking because there is a buyer for our flat. After confirming my name, she hanged up the home, leaving me awake and concerned about my local issue even though it was not about it. I am glad that the flat can be sold because it leave less concerns for me. Again my mind trips back to my issue every time an incident occurs, my mind attempts to link it to the current problem; seeking a connection that does not exist.

I though about my problem and also my brother who is also here. We are both experiencing the consequences of our father's action nearly 24 years ago. I guess it was a good intention to plan for a better future but it involved inappropriate tasks that still haunts me and my brother well into our adult lives. I was watching a movie where a husband murdered his wife in Kentucky. They are relatively wealthy and the father of the husband helped his son in the crime. I guess he had no choice. This brought the thoughts of my own father and I also though about my son. I guess my actions will have repercussions to my son's life like our decision to move here.

Every thing is about continuity, even the new Star Trek movie. The hero - Captain Jim T. Kirk's father was also the captain of a star ship who died while saving his crew and family. Even the Godfather series is about family. In the early hours of the morning, I took my laptop and browsed the Internet, looking at the Manny Pacquiao videos. It is a good moment for the Philippines as I saw his victories and the impact to the Filipino community all over the world. I think he has the potential to be the greatest boxer in the world since he is the champion in six different titles. So it is an amazing achievement. He also talked about family and country.

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