Monday, May 18, 2009

Driving to Columbia

We drove to Columbia - the capital of South Carolina. It was raining on the way and it took us about an hour and a half. It was a good drive and the car performed well. We went to the Museum of Art, Finley Park and the State House. It was an enjoyable drive and we listened to the best hits of 'Tears for Fears.' My first memory of driving in the US was in California and I remembered that it was a good evening and I was thrilled being there and the radio was playing the hit 'Everybody Wants to Rule the World.' It seems like deja vu and now I am with my son as I was with my father at that time long ago.

The last 2 days of the week was very productive. The outsource agent was here for a day and a half and we spent a lot of time explaining the situation. I think everybody is now ready to begin. On Thursday we drove to the Laurens warehouse. It was my second time there so I am now familiar with the way there. This gave me confidence to drive to Columbia. The capital city is more expansive then Greenville and it has a more confident feel. The State House is magnificent and it gave the city a feeling of grandeur. Everywhere there were echoes of the Civil War and It made me appreciate the place more.

But I was not feeling great because my wife is in the hospital for check up. I feel guilty leaving her there alone with my youngest son. But it was a decision we both made. Now I feel helpless and hope she will get better right away. I did not feel like being morose all day, just sitting around in the house watching television, so I decided to drive to Columbia with my son. I think he needs to spend more time outside of the house because he is cooped up all week in his room and spends most of his time in the Internet and watching television. I know I should step-up my role and talk to him and guide him for his future.

I finished watching the movie'Pride and Glory'. It about corrupt cops and it's really about the family. There are always parallels about family and the relationships between fathers and sons. I can't escape the irony of my situation now where I am suffering from a decision I made more than twenty years ago with my father. Now I hope that my son will not regret the I decision I made to move here twenty years into the future. Can I say I had no choice? I think I have made the best decision that I could make faced with the cards in my hands. Someday I hope that these experiences will make him a better and stronger person.

I talked to my youngest son this morning and told him to take care of his mother. He is in a difficult situation and I am glad that my friends are there to keep him company. This experience will make him more responsible and I hope I can call him often so I can guide him and make him aware that he is not alone. It's difficult to have a family separated by the Pacific Ocean and facing challenges that need response in order to move forward. In this situation, one has no choice but have faith on others and to a higher reason, to God. It is what makes you sane in this world.

My boss told me that attending the meeting and absorbing all the information is like drinking from a fire hose. He is right and I am not only absorbing a lot of data but I have to respond in the appropriate fashion. Learning about the way of life here, about the culture in the office, about the work and project that needs to be done, to prepare for the family to complete it's move and to help the kids assimilate and enroll in their new school is a tall order for anyone. I think I am rushing things like I usually do and I should stop and relax and silence my mind. This will allow one to think better. But trying to do all these things in a month is really a tough job.

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