Friday, May 1, 2009

Peer Review Completed

We finished today the review of the business requirements of the project. I will be working on a small but significant part. There are many players and I like the way people work here. There is mutual respect and I think I was able to hold my own with the 'veterans'. They defer a lot to the outsource agent from India. He is a very nice and intelligent person and he knows a lot about the system and the way things work. I am the new guy and I have to observe how things work around here. I think I can make an impact by just keeping quiet and holding my tongue. It is important to show respect especially with the people who spent many years on the project than me.

I guess by holding my comments and show that I can listen and understand how things work around here. In Asia, when I am not included in the discussions I feel that I am dis-respected. But here I don't feel the same way because it is not personal. I mean they do include me in meetings even if I don't need to be there. But the people here do it to show respect. So I am glad about this atmosphere and it's really a place where you can grow. I am glad that the company is based here in the American South than in some other state. More modern cities will have arrogant and snobbish people. I remember the people I met when I was here 20 years ago in Los Angeles, California and the nice people I met here in the past few days.

I do not feel the same pressure to prove myself. I think people are willing to listen you but you have to talk sense. Otherwise you will be labeled as a 'blow hard'. So there is a price to the time people give you to say your piece. My inspiration is actually Barack Obama and they way he talks and explains things. I guess he is in a delicate position where he needs to explain more and be more competent because of the prevailing circumstances. His victory and the rise of outsource companies in India and the Philippines and their significant role in Western economies is a wonder to watch. It is a significant trend that only happened recently and one that I am lucky to watch and experience and even benefit. The key I think is communication which both countries have a natural ability.

It's amazing that I am also nearly completing the purchase of a home. It can only happen here in the United States. I started reading about the value of purchasing a townhouse as compared to a single detached house. I guess I made the decision already. I think that a new single detached house is beyond my budget and the only thing I can afford is the townhouse. Anyway the mortgage payments is the same or even less than rental payments. But I can also claim tax credits. I plan to sell the house and the good thing about it is that it's near a well known high school. I think that area will boom in a few years when more developments like malls and subdivisions get built in the area. The area looks and feels like an up and coming place.

I realize that the bar has risen here and I am in more qualified company. My advantage is my hunger to strive and work and experiences that I have. I guess my strategy is to keep quiet and work and achieve small victories. I have to observe properly and learn the local customs. I need to give respect to the Indian team and defer to them as the Americans do in the office. They have achieved significant victories I believe and they are riding an outsourcing wave that began decades ago. Thomas Friedman was right and I did not see it in Asia but it's really evident here in the United States. I guess it's a global shift in the division of labor and the English speaking facility has been the key as well as their Engineering capabilities.

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