Saturday, May 23, 2009

Difficult Time

I learned yesterday that my wife needs surgery for her liver. She has hemangioma of the liver. It not a life threatening illness though the doctor recommends the surgery which seems to be a simple operation. Earlier my wife had fever for several weeks and turned out her autoimmune system was attacking her anti-bodies. They gave her the right antibiotics and she is now fine. The doctors think that her liver illness may have triggered her autoimmune system which caused the fever. She is now feeling better and the hospital will release her next week.

I was worried as I could not help her being far away. I could not even talk to her when she was in the hospital. Now she is much better and she calls everyday in the morning. I am glad she is better now and I think when she comes over in June, her health will be better once the family is together again. I suspect the move overseas and the transport of our stuff may have stressed her. My boss said that change is always difficult and I agree as people’s health is the factors that will help them overcome the stress of change.

The closing date for my house purchase is next Tuesday. It’s actually my wife’s birthday on that date and I hope we can complete the transaction. It will be a good gift for her. Yesterday, the loan processor called me and gave me the result of the appraisal. It’s about $ 3K lower than the selling price. According to the appraiser, the property is in a declining market and the loan appraiser advised to renegotiate the selling price. I called my property agent and told her about the report. I don’t think I can bring down the price so I will move forward with the loan.

Despite the result of the report, I think it will be better to complete the sale. It fits my needs, budget and goals. Maybe I will sell it in a few years and move to a bigger house – possibly a semi-detached house. I want to have a bit of stability when my wife and younger son come over. We don’t need to look around and spend time moving again. My sons need to adjust quickly, learn to drive, enroll in their new school and adapt to the new learning environment. A permanent home will be good to provide some stability. I hope it will also help my wife have a good rest from her illness.

The schedule is a bit tight because I have to move out of my apartment by the end of the month. So I have to complete the sale, ensure water, power, phone and Internet connection, buy a fridge, washing machine and dryer. I also called the shipping company to prepare for the transfer of my stuff to my new house. So it will be busy in the coming weeks. Yesterday, I also visited the government agency. It seems that the problem has been solved and I can have my document in 2 weeks. So it was a bittersweet day -yesterday with a lot of things happening.

But it’s different here. Despite all these challenges I am not as stressed as I would have been. I seem to have more control and I can sleep better. I guess I have gone over my initial fears. Now I hope my family can adjust as well. It will take some time but I am confident that it will happen. I am encouraged by my high school friend who has moved to Canada 20 years ago. We got in touch together again after he found me in Face book. I meet my old friends now in Face book or by other means in the Internet. It’s amazing that the Internet and social networking can help old friends meet again.

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