Wednesday, January 7, 2009

New Year Resolutions

Reading the recent blog postings on mind mapping, I see there's a convergence of some trends or syncronicity of thinking between mapping adherents. Using my experience for example, mind mapping is used in conjunction with stuctured productivity methods like Getting Things Done (GTD). Looks like an attempt to structure visual thinking into a more ordered methodology. Sometime I only use mind maps to clarify my thinking and brainstorm new ideas. But I would like to use it more but I cannot seem to find a consistent routine. So structured methdologies like GTD and project management are added into a visual thinking process like mind mapping to strengthen it's use.

My consistent method to clarify thinking is actually blogging. It's simple and effective although not enough when faced with more complex ideas wherein mind mapping is the best tool. Now visual thinking is also enhanced or combined with concepts like 'sense making' to broaden it's appeal. It just shows how universal visual thinking is getting to be especially in today's world where on is unudated with information and ideas. I think this is the same conclusion reached by most mind mappers as one looks into blogsphere. So a convergense is seen in the following situation: mind mapping -> visual thinking -> sense making -> project mangement -> Getting things Done (GTD) -> information overload.

This convergence have resulted in new tools that expand the main concept. Tools like Personal Brain -> eProductivity with Lotus Notes Templates -> Compedium, etc. So I think we are on the verge of a significant development where a new interface will soon be developed that will stretch the way we think and allow us to handle the new demands at work and life. Maybe it will also accommodate tools like blogging and mind mapping and Personal Brain that will allow us to see the world in a better and holistic way. Maybe something like with mind mapping, calender, To Do List and document management. Perhaps that is something that I am trying to do with my blog where I write down my thoughts, post pictures, sometimes post my mind maps, books read and so on.

Maybe this is the future of user interfaces for computers. A way that is like MySpace but something more wherein the users could express themselves and have a tool that will help them make sense of the world. For instance, Enterprise Project Management tools like Clarity is very helpful although it took some time for me to get used to it's ideas and concepts. Now I see it as a very comprehensive tool to help you manage your projects. I have not yet reached this level as I am still confused on budget, tasks and time sheets. As I have mentioned it takes time for me to wrap my mind into new ideas. My mind always bubbles with thoughts and fears and blogging is a way for me to settle down by writing and constructing rational sentences.

Since it's the new year where one usually gets into setting resolutions, I list down some of my more important ones: practice yoga every weekend, attend sport lessons, play my guitar, learn more about supply chain and logistics, and project management and EPM tools like Clarity. These goals I hope to achieve as well as my other goals like preparing for the move, borrowing more audio books and watching movies. My major goal will still be to complete my book where I have had a chance to read more about the craft of writing. I think I am better prepared now than ever before. I wonder if I should try to learn something new this year although I am constrained by my budget.

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