Thursday, January 29, 2009

Davos for the Poor

Most of the newscasts have sections on the meeting at Davos where the powerful and wealthy meet to discuss today's problems. So people like me wait with bated breath as the reporters interview the mighty on their opinions on the global crisis and the stimulus packages. China and Russia found an opportunity to resurrect their old alliance and criticize the United States. In the meantime, the news are filled with job losses all over the world. For some people who are not affected yet, they wait anxiously for the ax to fall down on them.

The Davos meetings is a good idea I guess where most people get to meet in an informal setting and discuss the world's problem. Perhaps this is a better opportunity to coordinate and plan actions than in other venues. But maybe just a gossip mill where everyone can churn out opinions and maybe even cause some problems if followed by the wrong people. For instance, a well known personality called Dr.Doom was vehemently against the recently approved US stimulus package. On the other, other speakers have given a qualified approval of the plan. But it seems to me that they are pundits who are playing arm chair foot ball.

I guess it is significant that no senior official from the US government seem you have attended. Perhaps they have wisely decided to focus on the issue and push the approval by the Congress. Now that that's done, some form of hope and optimism can arise in most people. Again the news from some stations are against the good bank, bad bank plan and again provided by people who make their living being naysayers. It's like a reporter criticizing the decisions of a wise and respected government official who remarks that if the reporter has had more actual experience administrating or managing a country, then he would listen. Hence, we do not see the whole picture so need to be careful when criticising.

In the meantime, the common folks like us need to wait for the outcome of the decisions and maybe some wise pronouncement from Davos. It's like we are waiting for the decisions on our future. Can ordinary folks like us have a so-called Davos of the poor? It would not be staged in some posh location like Switzerland and can only happen in the Internet. Technology like social networking or concepts like crowd sourcing may be applied to create a virtual Davos for everyman who can participate and provide their views. Hopefully this can lead to good ideas and a venue that will allow people to meet in a virtual Davos in something like a Second Life environment.

In today's age, this idea may not be far off. With today's technology I think people are also are more aggressive in promoting these type of venues that democratize or allow for every one to participate. Hopefully this can lead to better solutions and plans in the future where everyone's opinion can be shared and help shape decisions. Perhaps this may be the new struggle that will replace the old Marxist class struggle that happened in the past. Mainly, a struggle to allow for more participation to global decision making using the latest technology. Resistance may come from those who wish to attain the exclusive situation where powerful elites prefer the status quo.

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