Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Medical Leave

I have been on medical leave for more than a week. The past 2 days don't count because it's the Chinese New Year holidays. I have been watching movies and in the past 2 days, walking in the park with my wife. We visited my friend in the hospital last Sunday. He is fine and gives me hope that things will turn out well. I have problems sleeping because of the splint in my arm. I can't find a good position so I keep on moving in the bed. But not too much to keep my wife awake. The past days have been a welcome break though I often think about the things I have to do at work.

I will go to work on Thursday. I have a meeting that day with the team from Europe. I know I should relax but I keep thinking that I have responsibilities to do. Nevertheless I did not check my mail today although I think I have to tomorrow morning. Today I spent a lot of time looking at blogs written by my country men. I like the photography blogs and added their links to my other blog. I have also been looking at You Tube and the other tools from Google like Sites and Notes. I think it provides a good platform for me to work together with their other tools like Documents and Calendar. I think I can have consistent strategy in using these tools. Their web strategy is more consistent than Microsoft.

I also update the Toastmaster blog the other day. I think I may have a large presence in the Internet with pages in Face book, Linked In, etc. But I guess that is the trend today. In fact I realize that I spend more time in user created sites like blogs and You Tube and other social networking sites than the established media like CNN. In fact most of the information I need do not come from established sites but sites like wikis and other public domain. I was looking for a file and I found it despite it's elicit quality. There is too much information out there that the need for a filter like Google is getting to be very important.

I have been thinking deeply about my life these past days after my accident. I have also been listening to Obama's recent speeches after his inauguration. I was stuck by a statement quoted from the Bible that stated that 'the time for childish things is past'. I don't remember if Obama quoted this statement or what but it gave me some thought. I realized that for me to change my life I need to change my values. This is the only way for me to move forward. The first step is to admit my addiction and actively fights it's allure. Yes the time for childish things is past. I also don't feel my usual tolerance for foolishness and I get irritated or bored if I keep doing these things.

These past days while working at home with my computer I was able to increase my technical competence. For instance I was able to connect to the Internet with my work computer. The reason I could now do this is that I have lost the 'chatter' in my head. I think it came away while I was in the hospital waiting from my operation. If I allowed the 'chatter' to get to me, I would have been shouting hysterically. But somehow I kept my calm, settling my mind long enough for the sedative to take affect. The delay of 3 days also allowed me to force a calmness and resolve to patiently wait for the operation. I guess painful accidents like these help me be more mature. I just wished it happend earlier in my life.

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