Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Exam results

Yesterday we received the results of my son's O level exams. He did not do as well as we expected. I did not know how to react. My wife and I were expecting to much and when things don't turn out as expected we were did not know how to react. The immediate reaction was to get angry and scold my son on the time spent in the Internet or the PlayStation. But this will not be helpful. I think there is too much stress placed on children over here. I feel that the time spent by my son on these entertainment is really to distract himself from the pressure. He may need to attend the same level again but hopefully until the middle of the year until we move.

I start to think that the transfer will help us start anew again. Hopefully my wife will be emboldened to work again and my youngest son will adjust to the new school environment. My eldest son will probable need more time to adjust but I plan to give him more experience in driving so he can focus on this new skill. It is such a huge country that I think we will enjoy travelling the roads and visiting the cities. It will be whole different world and culture. Adjusting to the culture will be relatively easy since we are all voyeurs of movies and television shows coming from there. But there will be a realization that understanding the culture is different from being part of it.

I hope that this transfer will last longer. I think the time is right especially with the age of my kids and the phase in my career. But I am troubled by the result of my son's exam and fear a more deeper problem. I think he needs more help in improving his self-esteem and confidence. I know he is a confident athlete but he need more help in his academic skills. So I am thinking of enrolling him in a famous 4-day seminar that is targeted to teens like him. It is quite expensive but I think it is worthwhile. I think he needs to build a strong foundation of self-respect and courage. I can't help but think that this maybe the affect that a competitive streaming process can do to kids who are not prepared.

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