Monday, January 12, 2009

Important Resolution

During the weekend, I worked on the pictures I took during my vacation to create a movie show. I have an old software that I used but did not have the correct driver. I had the driver in my old laptop which broke down early last year. So I tried to search for an alternative - even using Movie Maker. I was able to use it but did not have the solution I wanted. Instead I learned more about Movie Maker and was able to put together some of my video files instead of picture files. Both applications actually work well but the missing link is the CD or DVD burning software or driver that I need. I learned something new over the weekend but also wasted time experimenting on Movie Maker with some other files.

I also tried looking at the websites of the location I will transfer to. I also worked on fixing my laptop connectivity which had problems on wireless connection. I was only able to connect to the Internet by cable. I showed my youngest son the websites of the post secondary schools and soccer sites so he can spend some time looking at them. I also gave the list of sites to my eldest son on the technical and college sites. Both of them understandably did not show much enthusiasm but I hope for them to raise their concerns so we can discuss them. I have many thoughts on the future and how our fates may possibly play out. Moving a family is really one of the most difficult things to do. I did not have a chance to discuss the future with both of them and instead hope that the websites will help them envision their new life.

I hope to discuss with them the future so I can try to reduce their fears or whatever is troubling them. What is important is for them to bring it out in the open so we can discuss in a civilized way. What is clear is that we should move together as a family with no one remaining here. It is the only viable option at their ages and with the savings I have. I need to be careful with my money and I have reduced my expenses of trivial things such as guitar lessons and my only plan this year is to continue my golf practice. I think I should resolve to improve myself with courses that are not to expensive. Of course I will continue with my reading and watching movies. Last weekend I borrowed a good lecture on 'Supply Chain and the Internet.' It was a good one hour lecture from a professor from Stanford University.

I sent the completed questionnaire last Friday so the paperwork on the transfer could begin. I also sent the scanned copies. I hope to have the documented job offer sent to me before the end of the month. I still have this thoughts and fears in my mind about scheming people over there trying to avoid bringing me over. I also have thoughts of my eldest son sabotaging the move by sending malicious emails. I know I have an over active imagination bordering on the malicious. I have to tone down my thoughts and remove this malice intent existing in my soul. The only way for me to move forward is to remove my addiction to bad thoughts and desire. The sense of doom and gloom that pervade my mind by allowing your dark nature to take over.

This addiction I clearly know and I had hoped to sway it aside by thinking that I am a sophisticate instead a decadent narcissist. I read that the only way to change is to change one's values. This is correct and it's the most important resolution that I need to make for this year. Moving away form this addiction will remove the inclination of my mind to think in this malevolent direction. The first step is admitting this addiction and planning steps to remove these type of temptations in my life. I guess I have to remove all the files in my laptop as a start so as to remove any sort of item that will cause me to backslide. Figthing this addiction will be the first step in controlling a malignant mind.

The next step is to prepare for my move. I think my main selling point is that I have had about 14 years work experience in supply chain. I think I need to reinforce this experience by learning more about the subject. I have started to borrow some videos about the subject and hope to continue with other topics. I hope to complete my studies on writing a novel before I move over so the next step is to start the real writing. I think that I can finish a first rough draft before moving. My seven years here have helped me expand myself more and be a better person. I think I should look at my final months as a way to complete my studies to make myself effective in my new job. This would require mastering the new processes in the company as well.

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