Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Getting Things Done

I just attended an e-seminar regarding a new tool to improve productivity. It is based on the methodology of Getting Things Done (GTD) by Robert Allen. A good concept and I try to practice it as much as possible. But sadly I am not consistent and my Inbox for example is a big mess. I now have a better understanding of the method as compared to the past. It takes a while before my mind can wrap itself around new ideas. Although I understand the concept intellectually, I often need more time for it to settle into a better understanding before I can apply it consistently in my life. I have been reading about GTD concepts for some time and it's the first time I have seen it applied in a software.

I really need to have a better methodology to help me manage my life. With so many things that need to be done I spend more time procrastinating. In fact I read that smart people procrastinate the most, modesty aside. Mind dump is a good way to clear the mind although my method of mind dumping it more via blogging. It's not really a good way because it answers more the need for expression and a more systematic or structured 'buckets' need to created for office work. Blogging helps more in establishing a stable sense of self and psychological balance and stress relief than being a more efficient worker. Other tools like mind mapping help as well but not systematic in the way like the GTD method proposes.

Last night I scanned the needed documents and I think I have all materials. The only thing remaining is to fill up the form of my past roles and responsibilities before sending it. I plan to send it by Friday. I still have to find out about the ways to defer the national service and end the current term for my eldest son. I hope he can move over the education units of his school term to his new school. My laptop was not working well when I first tried to scan so I removed all the games loaded by my youngest son. Afterwards, it was working fine. I think I need to explain to him the risk of downloading games more clearly. I need to spend more time communicating to my kids especially with the move.

I have to explain to them why the transfer is important and good for them in the long run. I really need to communicate more with my family especially now with my kids in adolescence. But I should communicate in a more respectful and considerate tone and not in a condescending way like Clint Eastwood's character in his latest movie 'Grand Torino'. There is need for me to step up in a responsible way and spend more time with my kids. My days of aloofness is over because their age needs more guidance and support. Even if they don't listen to me I have to exert more effort to explain and convince. I think I am good in communicating during 'make believe' sessions but need to be more effective in real life.

I reviewed again my Toastmaster manual where I keep my speeches. I reviewed my accomplishments and certificates but did not have the 'lost in thought' blur in my mind as last year. I think I have spent a lot of time procrastinating in this manner by looking at my 'accomplishments' during times when I am confused at work with too many things to do. I guess blogging is a way for me to get a handle on my life with too much stimulation. I again borrowed a lot of DVDs and books last night and during the weekend. But I do not feel the same excitement like in the past when I open a new book or watch a movie. I feel that I should be doing 'real' things like bonding with my kids or writing my book.

I guess I spend too much time in leisure and I notice that my kids have the same fault. They are often playing video games, surfing the Internet, watching television or movies. On the other hand, I am eigther reading a book, watching movies or surfing the Internet. My kids are following me so I often do these tasks in the early morning when everyone is still asleep. The move to the new office will be different with a way of life that is more laid back and practical. I think I should plan for more excursions so my kids will be able to see new things and grow with this new experience. I pray I will be successful in moving them abroad and settling them in their new life.

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