Friday, January 9, 2009

Another Change

Another major change has been announced. Seems that further reorganization is in the cards. I did not feel anything as I am not affected because of my transfer. But I will still face a lot of challenges, primarily the resettling of my family. I have just sent out the needed forms and documents and hope that the process will move further along. I am afraid that I will be spending a lot of money with the move. The details regarding my children have been clarified a bit but now comes the execution part where forms have to be filled and money paid. I have a fair bit of savings but I think I have to make a loan so I have cash for emergencies.

Last night was a good meeting. I was the host of the evening as well as an evaluator. I stuck to the script and was able to handle the meeting in a relaxed manner despite my dual role. In the past I was always nervous and I could not focus on the script. There were just a few people in the room and maybe that's another reason why I was not so nervous. The new member from my home country did his first speech and I dare say he was much better then me in my first speech. I relied on notes and stayed put in the lectern. On the other hand, he memorized his speech well and was able to walk around and use body movement effectively.

I am reading Orhan Pamuk's 'My Name is Red.' It's a brilliant novel and I consider him the best living writer around next to Gabriel Garcia Marquez. It's subject is something that I am always interested in and his works always opens a new world to me. He has great skill, imagination and sensitivity. He also has depth which I don't detect in most writers today. I am listening to his audio book and I have to put much attention in order not to miss anything. I am more focused when reading than in listening. I guess this is the way I learn. But I have to develop this skill as well to learn by listening because it will improve my cognition. Even in my work I seem to be too slow and not to get the ideas if spoken verbally. I get it better if I read about it.

I think I have opened a new skill in me by listening at the audio books and public speaking. This has forced me to expose myself to the public and respond more to people. I think a different part of my brain is being used in these activities. I sometimes don't pick up the thread of thought during meetings or discussions as I either lose focus or lose sight of the crucial point. By listening more and speaking in public requires me to lose my inwardness. I am better at abstract ideas which I have to get rid of if I finally move to my new location. I should always remember my experiences and the focus that I bring to my work. It will be my saving grace.

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