Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Transition Begins

This week 2 resources from the outsource company have started work in the office. They will be here until November. We presented the overview of the software applications to them. They are charming young team from Hyderabad, India. Some of my resources in the former company in the Philippines have also said their goodbyes. Of few of them have begun to work in the new company that bought them. So times are a changing. The transition has begun.

The target is to move all maintenance and development support by the end of the year. The support staff will be coming over in the coming weeks from the Philippines to orient the team from India. They will be discussing the details of each application that they support. It will be like a revolving wheel where the former resources will return back to a new job once the transition of their particular application is completed. The outsource team will be getting the responsibility of support little by little as the transition move along like an unstoppable train.

Our infrastructure team will outsource their work by the end of the year to the giant American company. I heard that the infrastruture team will be absorbed and move over to the American company as well. So it has been a good transition for both the Philippine company as well as the local infrastructure team. They will have a nice package plus a new job. For those of us remaining, I hope the story will also end well. I think we may stay for a few more months until the situation is stabilized.

Within our team, there are news already on our respective fates. One will be re-trenched, another will move to China while another is being offered to work with the outsource company. My boss has also moved to another job within the company. As for myself, I was advised to keep doing my project until further notice. Hence, my situation is still status quo although I have heard from another source that plans are a foot to move me overseas to another assignment. In fact the assignment seems to good to be true.

So I am left now with the task or continuing working with my current project and training the outsource agents on the other applications that will move to them. The next place for deployment is China after completing the pilot in Thailand. So my attention remains in my current work while pondering my future. I still have time to plan for the next project using the enterprise project management tool. I hope to do good this time around as the first pilot was not done well. So I have a chance to redeem my reputation and I am working the new staff from the project office.

It feels like I am consolidating my experience for my next assignment or transfer. I just completed my 60 PDUs to extend my PMP certifcation and I am working on completing the next level of my Toastmaster's course. So it feels like I am bidding my time for the next big change in my life and I hope that my training and experiences will have prepared me for it.

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