Thursday, August 21, 2008

Building Strengths

After finding out the results of the strengths finder, it seems that most of my talents reside in my mind and seem to refer more to thinking. My themes don't seem to lie on action or dynamic attitudes and don't lie in the area of extroversion or in working and/ or meeting with others. So following the theory, what are the skills or knowledge that I need to gain to develop my talents and, thereafter, increase my strengths? This is my present challenge for me to think about.

I guess I now realize why I like to write so much. Or also on why I like visual thinking tools. Both skills help me in some of my themes like increase my input, strategy, ideation, intellection and learning. It helps me settle my mind by allowing my thoughts to be clarified and able to express my thoughts and ideas. Similarly, joining Toastmasters does not seem to improve my strengths as it does not seem to be a talent of mine. It would be more like a skill that will help me expound and express my ideas or learning to a public audience.

What about being a business man? It seems I may have no talent in this area although I may have some in investing and trading since it should appeal to my strategic or learning or input side. So making an investment is more like implementing a strategy that will earn me money. Of course, the strategy should be informed with the proper knowledge and insight. So gaining this knowledge will play to my talent of learning and input and intellection. So again, these seems to be more of an individualized activity as compared to working with many people.

What about being a writer? I guess some of the talents I have would support this profession because it would require intellection and ideation. But I still need to develop more creative writing skills or even the passion and excitement needed to complete the book. In fact most of the samples in the themes reported by strengths finders seem to involve writing. So there are some skills needed to make this career succeed although I may seem to have some talents here.

What about project management? Some examples from the test also show that my talents help me in this area. Specifically, strategic or intellection and maybe even learner because I do need to learn many new things when moving to different project areas. This is an interesting exercise of self-discovery and I have started to think about how to maximize my strengths and perhaps move towards a more enriching life and career.

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