Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Strengths Finder

I finally did the strength's finder test last night. I bought the latest book with version 2.0 from the Bangkok airport. I did not have the time last week to take the test even though I was on leave the whole week. Based on the test, my strengths are:

1. Input
2. Strategic
3. Intellection
4. Ideation
5. Learner

Based on my earlier feeling on what my strengths were I was able to guess right only 2 strengths: Ideation and Learner. I also got to thinking about my weaknesses. The theory goes that I should learn how to manage my weakness. I guess this is were I am not doing very well. In fact doing the test has opened my eyes on how to handle my weaknesses. Looking at these strengths, my weaknesses come in better light. What are my weaknesses:

1. Doing detailed plans
2. Doing reports and time sheets
3. Communication to stakeholders

I realized that my strengths do not lie in project management. In fact it is in the more creative aspect that I may be excelling: thinking and designing solutions (Ideation, Input), solving political problems (Strategic) and adapting to new ideas or business process (Learner). These strengths have made me excel in project management by getting the job done. But the more formal process of project planning and risk management are not my strong points.

But strangely I used to love some of these tasks when I was working back in my old job. Now in my new location, I seemed to have lost the touch. The only thing that has remained from my old tasks which I enjoy is working and supporting the users. This has remained although I am less and less excited by it. Looking at my strengths, I seem to be ready to move towards right-brain work following the ideas expounded in 'A Whole New Mind'. These strengths seem to be the ones needed in the new world where routine work are outsourced to places like India.

This is the reason why I pursued the taking of the strengths finder to guide me in my next moves in the new phase of my life. I feel that I need to change and I want to make sure that I go towards the correct direction where in I have a natural advantage and following the trend of the future. I have not yet read the full-report but my strengths seem to guide me towards some sort of designing work, perhaps also teaching or journalism. I feel that the findings seem to make sense.

I spent most of last week at home, watching the Olympics in TV, jogging, going to museums, reading and/or listening to audio books, watching movies and going to free seminars on finance and investing. I am thinking of buying a set of CDs on being a trader amounting to about USD $ 800 as an alternative career but I think it can help me as well in other areas such as being an educator. I am not sure if I now have a future on being a writer following the results of the strength finder. But I guess an exam does not really portend my future but offer only some possibilities or potentials.

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Shank8 said...

Hi Juan,

I have also done Strength finder a year ago. It was from my work. It really helped me excel in what i do. Actually my company has utilised my skills to the fullest and improved processes and reporting. My Strengths were Strategic, Maximiser, Relator, Woo & Responsibility. I work as a Management Accountant. You seem to have a good balance in your thinking. You are right in saying that these exams could only guide you but they won't be everything about our life. We still need to make decisions about our future and careers, I believe. I was searching for Strength finder results and found your blog. Good work. Good luck.