Sunday, May 4, 2008

The One Thing to Know

While in Bangkok, I listened to audio book of Marcus Buckingham's 'The One Thing You Should Know.' A very good book that started me to reflect on the state of my life and career. Most of the insights in his book was against my beliefs. For instance, the book states that most successful people are specialist, focus on a single expertise that they like and, often, do not have a balanced lives. On the other hand, I have been developing myself more as a generalist, being an expert in a few things and having a balanced life. Now I realize from my own experience that the insights seem right, especially now that I may be outsourced out of my job.

So I think I should now follow some of the advice of the book. For instance, I plan to be an expert on Oracle by self-study and applying this new knowledge to my present project. I also have been spreading myself too thin by being an expert on a lot of things and trying to have a life of balance. But to be successful perhaps in terms of earning a lot of money, I should focus on one thing that will earn me a stable income and consider all other things that use up my time as a distraction. For example, I have allowed myself to be distracted from my goal to be a writer by trying to experience and read everything I can in the hope that I can be well-versed person. Instead, this policy has slowly distracted me until I end up without starting any project.

The book is great to be read at this point in time, perhaps, and add to my mid life crisis. One of the key insights of the book is to focus and I stop allowing myself to be distracted and be less open to all sorts of things in terms of my time. Hope it is not too late to attempt a new change. The nearly 2 weeks in Thailand was good for me like I was reliving my past life. I went to the old places like the canals, Grand Palace, weekend markets, Patpong market and Jim Thompson museum. But with a new group with me. It was like re-living an old experience in the right manner. Less guided by base instincts and desire for fun and pleasure.

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