Friday, April 25, 2008

Bangkok Rest

I am attending the training on the new software that will be deployed soon. A good time to rest during my stay here in Bangkok. I brought some reading materials and CDs to listen to in the evening at the hotel. But I am often distracted after office going out to dinner and seeing the place. But I have been to Bangkok many times that there are few places here that are new to me. Bangkok feels sometimes like returning home - a familiar place, with friendly people and a unique, exotic culture.

I have been coming here for the past decade. In the early years, it has been a mindless, frantic search for fun. Now it has been more calm and relaxed. No mad dash to some place in the night to shop, eat and look for DVDs. I now prefer to stay in the hotel to catch up on my readings and work. For this trip, I may have brought more reading materials that I can manage. There are some activities planned this weekend and I may not go as been there to the places being planned. I think I will relax, go to the gym, swim and visit the place I like. I may buy also a luggage as my luggage was broken in my last trip to China.

My grandma was buried yesterday and did not have a chance to talk to my family back home. I failed to observe some solemnity the other evening but stayed in my room last night. A lot of office mates here in Bangkok during this week. Most stayed at the same hotel. I have been up early most of the time and going to the gym. It is a more sedate and relaxed. It is closer to the office. The project is going well and need a lot of coordination from different people. But it is moving well.

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