Wednesday, May 28, 2008

New Life

My gym membership will be ending this month. I plan to continue my workout by jogging for 15 minutes every morning. I started to exercise recently with the news of the coming changes. Now that I am not affected, I think I still need to keep fit to prepare the change that will come next year or the year after. I guess we cannot be complacent even with the temporary respite. Maybe it may come even sooner.

I attended the global project meeting for my current project, participating with the other project leaders thorough out the organization. Good experience and strange that I was only able to attend these type of meeting only recently. I never had a chance before although I have participated in regional meetings. Good way to learn about the way things are going in the other countries. After the meeting which ended late (though the others in Europe and USA where in the early morning or midday), I went for a drink and ended up late.

My friend accused me of being complacent again once I got the news that I won't be retrenched. I guess he is right. I guess that is the easiest thing to do- to revert back to one routine mode of life. Unlike in the past months when we are actively exercising, learning new things and looking at job placements. But I have now resolved that I should complete my book project this year to prepare for my kid's college education. As the audio book I am listening to this week says, I should start developing multiple streams of income. I have achieved some goals with my modest investments in stocks and real estate.

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