Monday, May 26, 2008

Saved for the moment..

This morning my boss spoke to me and I was asked to stay. According to him, I will not be affected by the ongoing restructuring and he asked to me continue doing my work. I was not surprised because my old boss told me last Friday over dinner. So I knew before hand that I will not be affected although I have heard these rumours about myself for the past weeks. I am glad although I had already prepared myself for the worst.

According to my old boss, this decision was reached a few weeks back with a meeting of the group head from France. So somehow my old connections back at head office may have helped aside from being involved in a key master application deployment in the region. It was good information although I did not feel happy because my two colleagues are affected. A close colleague went to my desk and asked me if I was asked to go to a meeting in Wednesday where her fate will be announced. I did not feel good telling her that I will not be affected.

Today is also my wife's birthday and it's a good birthday gift to her and our family. My good friend in the office told me that I missed an opportunity and made a blunder. According to him, I will grow more as a person and possibly earn and learn more if I was forced to look for a new job. Now I will be in ,y same position for the coming years until the next set of restructuring takes place. I responded that I have been challenging myself already these past years, attending seminars, reading books joining professional clubs like Toastmaster and PMI to keep my skills current.

Anyway the past months of anxiety has stopped with the announcement this morning. I think I have some breathing space for a few months or even years. I should not be complacent and proceed with my own objective to improve myself and strive to do my projects like writing a book. I may not be lucky the next time.

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