Friday, March 27, 2009

Two Weeks Left

We got the passports yesterday with the stamped visa. The shipping company has surveyed the flat and provided the quote. We are waiting for the second company to complete the survey and sent their quote as well. Once both quotations are received, we can choose one and settle the deal. My wife was also able to find an agent who seems pleasant and professional to work with.
All the permits and documents to rent out my flat has been done. I have also filed my income tax following our personnel's advise to talk to the internal revenue about my departure. I still don't know what to do on whether to close my bank account here afraid that the government will freeze it. Sometimes one thinks that he is committing a crime in his paranoia. I guess I have to leave some money in case I need to make some payments locally. But generally we are all set for the move despite these loose ends.

The other day we had a meeting with the big boss of the region. We had an issue which will prevent my project from going live as scheduled. It looks like I will leave here without completing major milestones. I feel bad but I have a replacement anyway who will take over. Some of my colleagues already tell me to go on leave and prepare for my departure but I feel that I should do more. I won't be taking any leave until a day before I depart. It was a difficult meeting with myself getting the brunt of the punishment. I guess I should let go because it is no longer my battle. My boss is kind enough to take this and and is pushing my replacement to take more responsibility. I was afraid that he would be discouraged after the meeting and resign because he was absent yesterday. But he actually lost his ATM card and he came back the next day. He is a nice guy, quite young and sharp compared to me. These days I am just too distracted with a lot of things in my mind.

Yesterday I went to see my doctor who scheduled my operation on April 1 to remove the wire in my wrist. It's a minor surgery that will take about 15 minutes but I will still need general anesthesia. I think I have to return to work after my operation. After this surgery I can take off my splint. I hope I can get back my strength so I can start exercising. I miss swimming and
hope there is a pool in the apartment that they will assign me. I have a toastmaster contest tomorrow and I prepared my speech the other day about my journey these past years, being anxious due the organization changes and outsourcing, my Toastmaster experience, my accident and my coming relocation. I guess it is a summing up of my recent struggles and hopefully, salvation. There is truly some redemption after experiencing some pain and suffering. I thank God that this opportunity was given to me. I have to thank the former global boss who placed me in this position.

This afternoon I met with the Thailand team to present the changes on the tool we just deployed in production. There is still some open gaps but we needed to deploy it to production right away for go live. But go live is now delayed and the new contributor is not yet ready or confident to take over. But my time is running out. I have roughly 2 weeks left. There are still a few open items and I can't help but feel uncomfortable despite having a team in place. There is so many things I still want to do not only in work but also here in Singapore. For instance, visit the Church of St.Mary of the Angels, go to the new Changi walk to see the channel along Palau Ubin, walk the park connectors that link the parks in Telok Blangah, visit Kranji swamps and the new pubs at the power station near Vivo city. But I guess I won't be able to do these things.

I got a new audio book about the meeting between Mao and Nixon (13 CDs), Success Stories (5 CDs). I also borrowed some videos from Stanford university about personal networking and decision making. I hope I can borrow the remaining audio book by Murakami that I haven't read yet. I still borrowed more videos from Stanford university so I can be updated on the latest trends in business. I am cramming all this knowledge down in my remaining weeks. I hope I am not stressing myself too much by doing a lot in my final days here. I have written to the overseas team to update them on my transfer status. I hope all will be well as I think I have to hit the ground running. My computer will be set and my new assignment all ready to take me once I get there. I had a chat with my French colleague on my move and he gave me some advice. He is glad of my move and said that I will enjoy it there. He is one of the nicest guys around.

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