Wednesday, March 4, 2009

To Much Things To Do

I have gotten a reply from my sons' school on the steps to accomplish before moving to my assignment overseas. He has to withdraw from the school as a leave of absence is only granted for medical reasons. I also wrote to the manpower board regarding my kid's military service. I hope to get a reply soon. By using email and the Internet, I am getting things done quite fast. I wonder why I did not think of these things a few months ago. I have also called a few people to get their opinion on the things to prepare for the move.

The training plan seems to be moving along well with the new support staff in Shanghai and Hyderabad. I re-discovered my joy in teaching and training. I used to do a lot of these tasks early in my career. Recently I posted a video I made of this project in YouTube to relive the memories. The application we developed and deployed in Asia Pacific was a lot easier then. But the application we are supporting now is much more complex and we did not have a part in it's development. So training the new staff is also a way for me to know the application better. I also get to relive my past project which was a lot of fun while visiting these places.

I get to use the modern tool like phone conference and same time meetings to coordinate with them. It's much easier to work with virtual teams by using these tools. I enjoy explaining complex stuff and I hope I am able to educate the team during the training. All these are happening in the midst of all the other work I need to do to prepare for my transfer. I am glad that the Internet has a lot of information available. It does help me in finding the information I need and contact other people.

It's really feels like I am winding up all the learning I have had while here in Singapore. My 7 years here plus my work in Manila for 6 years have given me a wealth of experience I hope to apply in my new assignment. I have worked on the supply chain domain for quite some time that I know it's concepts and process. Working on projects have also made me know about the tasks as well as work with different sorts of people. Working with the boss man and other difficult persons have also given me a new perspective in work. I think my experiences in Toastmaster has helped me gain the proper perspective in working and communicating with them.

Yesterday I met with the boss man with the quality manager and we presented the proposed support model. It's probably our last meeting before I leave. I sat there with less anxiety than before. It was a good learning but difficult experience working with him. Together with my Toastmaster experience, visual thinking tools will help me succeed in my next assignment. Visual thinking is the wave of the future and mind mapping techniques coupled with Dan Roam's book is a good foundation to build on. During times of stress, I get to use all these techniques to solve problems and get on with life.

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