Friday, December 19, 2008

Last Office Day in 2008

I can't seem to focus in work today. I kept looking at the websites sent by the overseas relocation team. I looked for houses and cars for sale. I choose a few from those available for 2 bedroom and 2 bath houses. I also choose a 2001 or 2002 Toyota Sienna van. I can't help having this dreams and thinking about my new life. I will be on a 2 week leave starting next week and I can't help surfing the Internet and dreaming about my future. I feel that it is already close to me that I can taste it. Listening to William Faulkner is also a sort of preparation for living in the South.

We had a meeting a few moments ago on the new organization structure for next year. My boss will be moving to China so I will be reporting to the group director. At least hierarchically but I still report to my boss functionally in China. I guess the situation will further evolve as we move along the year. There is still a lot of transition that will proceed. I am glad that I have been plucked out of my situation here and transported into a bigger stage. The bigger stage is in an economic mess right now that salvation depends on the new administration. So everyone is hoping for a grand plan that will lift them out of their troubles.

Tomorrow I plan to go to the museums. I plan to go to 2-3 museums then use my voucher at the Marriott hotel at Orchard. I think I will be back at my home at about 6 or 7pm. It will be probably be my last Christmas here in Singapore. It will also be my last visit to my home country in a long while as well. So I hope to make the most of it by going to museums and places of interest. I think I have seen a lot of Singapore with all the company and personal events that I have gone to. Now I plan and prepare from my new life. Similar to the book 'The New Life' by Orhan Pamuk which actually was the death of the narrator in a bus accident at the end of the book.

There are still many loose ends at work but I cannot seem to get anything done. This attitude is not possible in my new job next year. The new office will be a no-nonsense, focused and hard working place. I hope the economic situation will improve when I get there possibly in the 2nd quarter. The things I still need to do here at work are: enter the work tickets for the project, plan for the data warehouse training, plan for the go live in China, follow-up IBM to complete the set-up, monitor the transition and transfer support to a new team before I leave. In my personal life, I still need to: finish the documentation for my visa, sign the dispute form, ask about my kid's deferment or possible cancellation of residency, arrange my finances and plan for my flat's rental.

There are a few minor things to complete as well such as complete my appraisal, call up my business project leader in Thailand and consultant in Europe. But the atmosphere at the office is already vacation time. I think the major activities have started and the little ones need some attention before they become urgent. The team in the office is getting less though some departments are increasing. I cannot help but feel that I should push the transfer process faster so I get to move soon. I think the economic prices will be good to me because house and car prices will be down.

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