Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Leaving the Cold

Just arrived in the airport close to midnight and using the free Internet access terminals to blog. I started the day swimming, having a sauna and packing my things. I thought that I should walk to the nearby park but I did not like to go out into the cold morning. I was not able to sleep again last night because of the dry air in my room. The humidifier did not do any good. I felt that the room was haunted. I felt that maybe the ghost died in my side of the bed. So I switched sides. But it did not do me any good.

I said the same thing to my friend in our last dinner together. I said the reason I may not be sleeping well is not because of the dry air but a ghost. Maybe one of those who have died in the war. One of poor souls shown in the museum we had gone to on the weekend. He laughed though he said that he had the same problem last week in the first few days he arrived. He solved his problem by opening the window and letting the air in instead of using the air conditioner. Maybe I should have tried his suggestion. So in my last morning, I opened my window in the room while I was packing and felt the cold morning air rush in.

We had dinner in the Korean restaurant near the hotel. I found out that there was a Korea town in the city and wished that we had a chance to visit. But the cold sometimes changes our plans. I felt that I was half functioning in the cold. Like my capacities where working at only 50% capacity. When I was talking to my wife after I got back from dinner, I told her I was going home the next day. She was surprised. Apparently I forgot to tell her that I changed my schedule the week before. Hence, here is evidence that the cold is affects me.

But it was not only the cold but also the sleepless nights. When I keep waking the moment when I get to the point of achieving sleep. Then my difficulty in breathing would come and I would awake again. I felt like a fool opening the TV and watching the shows, closing it and trying to sleep, walking to the bathroom to take a pee and switching position to try to sleep. But the cycle would repeat many times until suddenly it was the morning and time to get up. But I got a chance to see a lot of good movies in the early morning shows.

During these wakeful moments, my thoughts would often shift to my coming new life overseas. I keep dreaming of my new assignment and the work I would be doing and the new people I would meet. I wonder when I could get the clear details. But I should not worry because the message is clear. I just keep thinking that the economic mess would affect everything. I still have a ton of things to do and I tried to so some work today. I tried calling my contributor in India from the airport but could not reach him. So I decided to forget it and continue work in the office the next day.

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