Thursday, December 11, 2008

Back to work

I went to the office today and tried to do some work. Last night I was able to get some sleep but awoke early to fix my things. My wife said that I snored loudly, the loudest so far that she has heard from me. I had moments of wakefulness when I had minor difficulty breathing but all in all I awoke fresh from sleep. It was a good plane trip and I had a good spot near the doorway between compartments which had a wider leg room. The movies shown on the plane where Chinese movies: the first one was a good dramatic thriller which I liked and showed a gritty realism of life in China. The second one in the trip to Singapore was terrible. It seemed like a Chinese version of 'Sex and the City.'

I have good memories of my trip in China despite my problems with the cold. I always like this city in winter but never liked the chill which is really a poor preparation on my part. If I brought my long johns and thermal underwear, I would be fine. Most people actually do not like this city but I like it's sometimes bleak and depressing scenes. It has a kind of sad melancholy and I guess most people prefer to stay home in the cold so it's streets seem to be desolate. So it's a welcome change when one stumbles into streets filled with lights and restaurants and people eating in the well-lighted rooms. The fact that it's difficult to communicate in English with the cab drivers and waiters actually add to it's charm.

I realized that I had suffered moments of paranoia and self-delusion due to my sleepless nights. The cold was able to shield my uneasiness. But the novelty of the experience was stimulating especially with the book 'Shalimar the Clown' which I am reading. I have about 2 more CDs to go before I finish the book. It's amazing to read with interesting passages about the Abu Sayaff and terrorism in the Philippines. It reads like an earlier book I read called 'Imperial Grunts' which talks about the American military presence in Mindanao and encounters in Basilan island and Jolo. It's like Salman Rushdie has connections to American intelligence to get this type of information on terrorist organizations.

I am going to a Toastmaster's meeting tonight. My days are numbered in this local organization. I may have about six months left before moving. At last I just got a mail from the person in charge of re-location. It seems she is in charge of helping me and my family move. I have set a meeting and hope she can call me and my wife at home so we can discuss our concerns. As I have thought, things are moving in a slow and methodical way. Despite my nervous doubts, there has always been an air of inevitability towards the transfer. Once the decision is in place, all the cogs will begin to switch into gear and move the machinery towards it's goal.

The trip in China went well. I am glad we had pushed through with it. My friend, I think enjoyed himself. It was a strange and exotic place perhaps for him and he did really well in the training. Now is the time to follow through with the remaining action tasks to do. I am glad he came as he provided the meat. His summary on the last day was a good wrap-up. I called the project leader in Thailand who was not able to attend due to last week's demonstrations in Bangkok airports. We went through the summary and agreed with most of it's main points. I have a load of things to do especially in the use of the new tools. A week from now I will be on a 2 week vacation so I need to hustle.

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