Thursday, October 30, 2008

Working at Home

I am reading my emails and working on a few things for work. I am using a new laptop issued to me and much better because the wireless connection works at home unlike my last one. Initially I felt that I needed to do some backup in my old laptop which I already did but felt that I needed to check each one directory and file. I am a pack rat and I still keep some old newspapers which I promised myself to read. But yesterday I threw out the box of old papers and I had a liberating feeling like when I turned over my old laptop. Life is to short to keep planning these little things for the future like reading old newspapers. Now I get everything in video and audio direct from the Internet.

Although I am on leave this week, I still need to continue working because there is a load of things to do and the year is coming to a close. I get a chance to plan better and I get to work on my own leisure pace. Yesterday morning I went roller-blading in the park and in the early evening I went swimming. Later I plan to go to the park, go to the library and attend a PMI meeting tonight. But I also need to do some work during the day. I have made some decisions to improve my daily schedule. I have been late these past many months at work which I attribute to my early morning exercises at the park. I also spend this time listening to my audio books which contribute to my lateness.

So I decided to stop my early morning walks at the park and instead switch them to the evening after dinner. So I get to work out my dinner so I can digest the food better and continue listening to the audio book. I think it will decrease my tardiness at work. I also will focus on work first thing in the morning while my mind is fresh and later do my Internet surfing and blogging in the afternoon. Bu I won't stop my morning exercise altogether as I plan to do them at least once for my roller blading. I moved my roller blading in weekdays instead of Saturday morning so I can focus on Saturdays for my writing. I started this schedule last week but could not focus on writing and instead procrastinated by surfing the Internet.

But I think I am past that because I have had my fill of what is out there. I am amazed that I could get high quality analysis in audio and video about the economy, politics, art, literature and culture so easily. So I don't need to hog my old copies of Financial Times, Economist and International Herald Tribune. Hence, I could throw out these printed papers and focus on the audio and video versions. I get to learn and absorb more but I found that I absorb better by reading instead of listening. But listening and absorbing via this medium is in fact another skill that I need to develop. It's a much faster and complete medium because it uses more senses particularly sound and sight, especially the videos.

I am completing Kipling's short stories and they're wonderful. It's very varied with stories of 2 British adventures in Central Asia, adventures of a colonel's 6 year old son in India, a match of polo in India with the ponies speaking to each other, 2 drummer's dying in a skirmish with Afghans and a story about World War I. But it's his India stories that catch the attention. While working I listen to the tape of contemporary Indian music which I bought in New Delhi. It's a good learning experience to be able to immerse yourself completely in the sights and sounds of a place and learn more about it. India was such a incredible experience for both the British and Indians.

November is Nanowrimo month where a lot of new novelist-to-be attempt to churn 50,000 pages in a month. I think that I will join in the enthusiasm of the event. My plan is to help craft the structure, plot and characters before hand. Once November begins, I will start writing out the first draft of the novel. I think Nanowrimo is a good idea and a lot of resources in the website are useful to would be novelist like me. I think at this point in time, I have diagnosed my shortcomings and areas where improvement is needed. Problem is my procrastination and my load of books and other activities to do. At least I hope to have a first draft of the novel by year end if I go forward with this schedule.

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