Friday, October 3, 2008

Looking for the weekend

I am looking forward to the weekend. I think I can start working on my book in more seriousness. Yesterday I read an article on numerology where I converted my full name and birth date to a single digit number. The first result is called my destiny number - based on my name while the next result is called my life path number - based on my birth date. Based on my destiny number, I need order, discipline and structure to be successful. Based on my life path number, I am imaginative, travel a lot and like change. Interesting results though I think it's hogwash.

Nevertheless, it seems to provide some insight to my present condition. For instance, I really need order, discipline and structure in both my work and my attempts to be a writer. Secondly, I need these virtues because I am too imaginative and I open myself to a lot to stimulation. Also, the path to travel and living in other places also portends my possible future. Strangely, the results of my numerology experiment seems to provide some wise advise. Amazing how these things can come out, similar to opening a fortune cookie in a Chinese restaurant.

I spend to much time in self-analysis although it's more self-reflection. Often when I am faced with major decisions I paralyze myself with over analysis. I take myself too seriously and end up being neurotic. But I identify to the complex thoughts of the characters in the last book I read. They spend too much time thinking like me though on more serious matters affecting their lives and future.

I just finished reading Orhan Pamuk's book 'Snow', which is one of the best books I have read in quite some time. It's offers a very unique and modern voice for Islam. I can't wait to read his other books (although I have already read his other works like 'The New Life' and 'The White Castle'). The story is well-told and provides a kind of inner voice on the perils of the modern Muslim. It is a great difference to fundamentalist viewpoints seen in television today. I often read magazine that say that modern Islam can be seen in Egypt or Morocco but I think it's more seen in Turkey. I think it's where the future of Islam lies.

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