Wednesday, October 29, 2008

On Leave after Depavalee

I am on leave this week. Last Monday was Diwali holiday as they say in India. I took the family to a restaurant in Little India last Saturday. We ordered mutton masala, butter chicken, dhal makhanee and mix bread-naan, chapati,etc. I think they enjoyed it except my wife who thought the food was too spicy. We talked a bit about the transfer and I think my eldest son is not too keen. I think that it will eventually turn out right for everyone. I have a lot of stereotype image of high schools overseas filled with gun-toting black youths, gang fights in the school hall ways and yards. Not helped with the news on violence in the papers. I watched Micheal Moore's 'Bowling for Columbine' which is actually a scary documentary.

I wrote a mail yesterday asking about the schooling situation but got no reply yet. I know that the transfer is on and discussed in the relevant high levels. But not much information filters down to me. Response to my mail is also not fast. But I feel that the vast machinery of the company is moving forward and nothing will turn it back. So it's a done deal as my old boss would say and remarked that all will turn out right. Last night I have had dreams of working there overseas in that land of abundance. It's a whole different world and I feel that the feeling of insecurity and anxiety will be swept away once you live there. I can't help feeling that it's like coming to a home that is beyond your dreams.

A new life in full reality! I think the kids will like it once they settle in and I think it will take about 2-3 years. I can't help but feel that all will turn out well and I have been preparing myself for this opportunity all my life. It's like the confusion and restlessness of youth will now be swept away into a period of grace and empowerment. I guess it will not be a bed of roses but I think the way of life will be such as a normal boring pattern. I think my short sojourn here will have allowed me to complete my youthful yearnings. I hope to have solidified a few skills here such as public speaking, writing as a novelist (at least completing the basics), golfing, reading books and watching foreign movies.

It's a big world out there and I think I will miss the pettiness and trifling arguments that come from living in a small country. Even though I am on holiday leave, I read my mail and can't help but continue work and respond to some events that are really trivial. I am starting to get bored. Yesterday we were trying to resolve an issue in Thailand with help from the head office in Europe. It's such a trivial issue but that needs to be solved that I am continuing the technical work this morning. Last night I also attended a Toastmaster's meeting and, afterwards, our supplier from India called about another unsolved issue. So two issues yesterday that I hope to solve soon while on leave!

I am reading another of Kipling's book 'The Man Who Would Be King and other Stories.' A really great writer but someone I could not appreciate at my age maybe at a younger time but nevertheless a good book. I tried to borrow an old film of Errol Flynn on 'Kim' but could not find it in the Esplanade when I went last Sunday. So I reserved it yesterday on the internet. I also went to the art exhibit on Monday during the holiday. Not to bad exhibits with a few worthy ones. A good time spent to prepare for the meeting yesterday morning which I again attended. I have another meeting this afternoon with IBM where I will call in from home. What a life!

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