Monday, April 6, 2009

Reunion Picnic

Yesterday we had a picnic reunion with our friends. We started at about 4:40 pm and ended at about 10:30 pm. We stayed at the barbecue pit beside the pool but went up to the flat in the evening for dinner. There where lots of food: steamed fish, stuffed fish, spring rolls with vegetables, hot dogs, cakes, marshmallows and pumpkin stew. The theme was to have healthy food. We all had a nice time with the young kids swimming in the pool, teenager playing cards, and adults joking around. When we were having dinner, a few people played the piano and were quite good. A lot of pictures were taken. It was a fun time and we also talked about my family’s impending departure.

My youngest son did not go because he was not feeling well. But there was food at home for him plus we brought back some dessert for him to eat. It was a nice place especially beside the pool with lots of trees and greenery. I did not eat much though I could have used some alcohol. There was a Malay wedding below our flat and was a bit noisy so I was glad to leave and go to the reunion. I went down in the morning to watch the wedding festivities when I heard the women singing. It will be one of the things I will miss when I leave. I went to the park early in Sunday morning for my exercise and I enjoyed the park during my walk.

I spoke to my boss today after lunch. It was a courtesy call after giving my resignation letter needed for my transfer. We had a good talk and he was very supportive. We did not have much time to work together since his return from France. He wished me luck and said that he was happy for me. All things considered, I think he is arguably the best boss the office ever had while I was working here. I said I will keep him updated on my progress. Walking back from lunch, I had this strange feeling looking around; like it will be the last time I will be walking here. It was a similar feeling I had when I was in the park.

Sunday was hectic but I managed to do most of my tasks aside from going to the reunion. I prepared my 2 speeches for my coming Toastmaster meeting, sorted my papers and threw away unneeded stuff, called my parents (and my brother the other day) to confirm the move, read through 3 picture books, listened to my audio book and watched my favourite Japanese show. Saturday was hectic as well; visited Salvation Army warehouse to see if any good furniture, read the 2 books I needed to return, scanned the interesting pages, went to church and borrowed books from the library. I was able to watch also the Stanford video in the early morning on managing change. Despite that full schedule I did not have time to write although I got to watch the excellent move 'Frost/Nixon'. A good film to see after reading the book ‘Nixon and Mao.’

I guess with my last days winding down, I now get to focus on my new company. There are so many things that I still need to know. For example, health benefits, credit card and other things which I only thought about now. I always thought I would know the things I have to take care of but if there are too many things in one’s mind, it’s really impossible. Now I get to see the real change that is coming and I may not have prepared fully. But you can never be fully prepared and one must just plunge ahead. Otherwise, too much information will just paralyze you. Today there is already too much information in my mind and I hope that I can sort it all out. I always think that all that input coming in will self-organized itself in its proper place.

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