Friday, April 10, 2009

Four more days

Last night I did my 2 advance projects in Toastmaster. It went well for me because I was able to deliver the speech, do the role play and conduct a summary. One evaluator give good marks but the other suggested I repeat the project. Both my project exceeded the time and I was not qualified for voting for best speech. The Toastmaster of the evening tried to ask for some consideration from the audience. But I really did not care because I already got satisfaction doing the speech. It was enough for me. I have another speech tomorrow which will complete my advance manual. Before going to bed I typed the speech, recorded in the recorder this morning so I can listen and memorize for tomorrow’s meeting.

It was a hectic day yesterday. I had a meeting with the regional boss based in China in the morning. Afterwards I had another meeting with the other company I used to support. I told them I was leaving next week for my new assignment. In the afternoon I met with the personnel to settle my papers for my departure. I also had a phone meeting with my boss and the French team, had my evaluation and started to backup my disk for my boss in China. I will give the portable hard disk to the regional head when he flies back to Shanghai. I did most of my tasks for the day except to go the clinic to get my medical results. I took a taxi to the Toastmaster meeting to save time and conserve my strength.

There are so many demands to my time and I am not sure if I am focusing on the right things. For instance, should I still do my project both at work and for Toastmaster? Shouldn’t I just prepare for the move with my family? I am rushing my medical appointments, my project turnover; my final visits to the museums and what not with more a mix of work and extra-curricular events. What makes things worse is that my projects at work are not doing fine. My replacement in China seems to want to resign. He is quite young and the role maybe to big for him. But it’s no longer my problem because I am halfway out the door. I tired to apologize with the French team and my boss but they said no apology is necessary. That’s life and I need to move on.

I still want to do a lot of things before I leave but I simply have not time. I want to read more books and see more movies and see places here before I go. So I am pressuring myself to do all these things. Meanwhile the relocation team is calling to prepare for my move and I could not put much attention to him. My focus is now and I just cannot imagine that I am truly moving. I guess I will know in a couple of days. Four more days and I will get on the plane with my son and embark on my new life. I am leaving my friends and colleagues and a place that I have grown to love. Life there will be much slower with a more rural and down to earth flavour that I need to adjust to.

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