Monday, April 13, 2009

Leaving on a Jetplane

Tomorrow I leave for my new assignment. It was a hectic weekend for me completing the activities I wanted to do before leaving. Last Friday was a holiday; it was Good Friday, the start of Holy week. But I was at the office working: doing software tests, throwing away my stuff, backing up my hard disk, writing my farewell mails, training the staff in China and talking to my boss. I left the office at about 9pm. I had lunch with the Japanese regional head. We had laksa and oyster omelette at Maxwell food centre. My friend an account agent also came by and we talked awhile while having coffee.

I brought back a lot of stuff in my backpack when I went back home. I wanted to have a massage but I did not have time. I took a taxi back home because I was carrying a lot of heavy things like folders. I threw away a lot of my old papers. I got to see all the stuff I have been working on in Asia. It’s like reviewing my life’s work up until this time. I felt proud on some of the work I did. Especially, when I started to read the functional specification for the production planning software, I felt proud of the work despite the project’s many flaws. I also got some of the replies today on the farewell messages I sent out and I was glad of the warm messages especially my colleagues in Japan.

I also prepared for my last speech on Saturday. The morning was hectic as I went to the clinic to get my results and visited the museum nearby which had a good exhibition on Emperor Kangshi. Afterwards, I went home, had lunch and had a short nap. I went to the speech contest and did my speech. I was a bit hesitant at first because all the others where good. But I managed my internal doubts and proceeded to do my speech. I was well received and I felt better afterwards. I went home and watched the series Tudors. I hope I can finish both seasons.

We went to mass on Sunday and had lunch with my Toastmaster friends. We had a nice time and ate fresh noodles (la mian), dumplings and durian puff. Afterwards we went back to the flat where I met my friends who would be living there with my wife and kid for a few months. They will be moving to their own flat and some renovation work will be done. I watched a lot of movies, purged my papers and did some packing. I also was trying to finish the wine that I had. I still have one bottle left. I still have a lot of things to pack. My flight is tomorrow morning at 7 am.

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