Friday, February 27, 2009

February is a Good Month

It was a good last work day for the month. The business leader agreed to cross the final milestone for our project in Bangkok. The project has been dragging along since the departure of my friend last year who was the original project leader. It was a good ploy for me to write an email giving an update and proposing to cross the milestone as the previous issues have all been resolved. Also in another project, feasibility study milestone has also been crossed for the next factory deployment in Thailand. All these good events happened today so it feels good to end the month in this mood.

We also finished the first phase of training with the support team so it seems to be moving well. My replacement is getting more confident that he can handle the job. He joined in the milestone meetings and project meeting with the planners in China. I am getting to feel optimistic that everything will turn out well. The support staff from India is also attending the training sessions and it seems that she will be a good resource. I am glad that my plans are working well, training and putting the team in place as well as arranging for the support to the new team. During this month I have also written a lot of assessment to my former team members giving good reviews. It's the least I can do to help them in their new careers.

Yesterday, my most valued staff who supported the boss man's system finally completed her last day of support for us. She is probably one of the best staff I have worked with together with the lady in India. Both of them are dedicated and very smart. I gave them good reviews as they turnover their work to the new outsource team in Hyderabad. It was their last work week and I feel a certain misgiving that they have gone. A new leaf has turned and I don't exactly feel sad. I think both of them are headed towards a good future. I will be leaving soon as well so it feels like a changing of the guard. I feel excited because everywhere there is change and we have expressed everything that we needed to express. Hopefully we can meet again someday in the future.

Regarding my move, there are complications but not with me but with my kids who have to complete a few steps to get exit permits. I am afraid that my eldest son will lose his future status and may no longer return here. I need to discuss the consequences openly this weekend. I have received no news from my new assignment for the past 2 weeks although my colleagues mentioned that it's normal. I seem to want constant attention and I can't help but think that I should be receiving a lot of e-mails and re-assurance that I am valued and needed in the new job. A block out of news makes me insecure although I know I have to settle a lot of things at my end first. Now that my transition at work is moving fine, I now have to focus my attention to my family.

I am reading Dan Roam's 'Back of the Envelope' and a good technique to increase one's visual thinking skills. I am also reading about Leonardo Da Vinci and the book has a lot of pictures of his notebooks. It's a good comparison between the different ages on how creative people can use visual thinking skills to succeed in life. Dan Roam's method is more the modern age equivalent in handling diverse problems with visual thinking. I think it is a good end to my quest to improve my skills which started with mind mapping. In fact mind mapping is just a minor tool in the repertoire. I now understand that I am a visual person, intuitively drawing to clarify my ideas and I now can put this into greater use following the many experiences I have.

I am also reading Alan Greenspan's 'The Age of Turbulence'. It's also a good book to round up my reading on the economy and investing. It's a good book because it has a first class analysis of economic events but it has the insider's view, the politics and personalities behind great events. It is refreshing to relive those events which I have read in other books but in another perspective - specifically the most renown Federal Reserve chairman. His book should be a must read for people who want to understand economics and the working of a modern capitalist society written by someone who was at the center of economic events. A good book to understand today's financial turmoil.

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