Wednesday, February 11, 2009

End Game

Yesterday I finished the transition plan whereby all activities will be finished by mid March. This will allow me to transfer by late March or early April. It's very stressful because there are still a lot of work to be done like preparing for my family's move. I am training my replacement every day, meeting for an hour or so by phone conference and screen sharing. This is the first time that I am doing a virtual turnover with my replacement elsewhere. Specifically in Shanghai, China. He is very young and eager and smart. I hope the pace would not be too fast for him. I sent out the plan so to the relevant personalities and so far no adverse feedback.

I will be moving ahead of my family which gives me a lot of stress. I have to leave everything to my wife to take care of the transfer although she is fine on handling the task. But I think I need to plan for a return trip sometime in June to help out. I hope my kids will not make her life difficult. By April I think my arm will be healed. Yesterday morning I went to the therapist to have it checked. My bandages were removed and I could wash my arm. But it feels weak and fragile without the splint which I still need to wear for a couple of weeks. It's difficult to plan for a move soon with an arm that is weak. These days I always tend to work late to complete the many tasks. Now with the impending move I have to focus on the training as well as project tasks.

I think the turnover will not be a problem if there are no budget constraints. But with the economic crisis, travel is controlled so face to face meeting or trainings are not possible. So need to be clear and creative especially now that we are working with the external outsource people with their own ideas and procedures. But I think I like the set-up which seems to work well if one gets used to it.The team in Shenzen China is very reactive and nice to work with. I cannot imagine the team I will be working with in my new assignment except that they are big and large as seen in the movies.It will feel like a return home because it will bring me back to my old fascination with the new world when I was back in the Philippines as Singapore seems to be more old world centric.

I am reading a good book called 'Crowd Sourcing'. I think it explores in better detail the ideas written about in the book 'Wikinomics'. I think this is a better book to understand the revolution occurring now in the Internet and computers. There are interesting sections like the one about diversity beating intelligence. The fact that average people can solve problems better than intelligent people with MENSA like IQ.This is the main thing I will miss in Singapore, the books that I can borrow especially the audio books and videos. But maybe I am reading too much books considering the place where I will be moving to. I guess I can now spend less time reading and devote more time to working and writing.

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