Monday, February 23, 2009

Food Trip

Last Sunday we had lunch at Jalan Kayu. I rented a car for three hours and we had lunch of mutton briyani, chicken curry and roti prata. It's a place famous for prata so we went there and tried it out. It was quite good, a little sweet compared to the others. Afterwards, we drove around the Seletar airport and army camp. The driving range where I used to practice was no longer existing. The grounds where we used to tee off have been bulldozed over. There were a lot of nice quaint homes which I believed where the former British officer homes.

I thought of these drive outs to try the interesting food in the nearby places to eat. It was fun and the total cost is less than SGD $ 70 which includes the car rental and the food. A good way to bond with the family, practice driving to prepare for our new life and the enjoy the food that we could not usually try. I think it is a fun investment to give them a different perspective of life here instead of the usual view riding the train or the bus. It will be an entirely different lifestyle in our new home with driving an important part so need to practice. My eldest son seems to be settled to the move and he is not that rebellious anymore.

I went to the private hospital last Saturday morning because I was afraid that I could not schedule an operation to remove the K-wire in my arm. The K-wire was clipped to the metal implant to keep it from moving. The doctor in the hospital immediately scheduled me for an operation in the 3rd of March which is next week. But I visited the public hospital this morning for my usual weekly physical therapy and the therapist was able to schedule me with my usual doctor. I missed my appointment last week and the next free schedule was 22nd of April. I would be long gone by then so that's why I visited the private hospital last Saturday. The price of the operation was quite high in this hospital so I may return to the original public hospital.

I just finished listening to Murakami's 'After Dark'. It's not a bad book as it contains his trademark quirkiness. But it's not up to his better works. I am not listening to Alan Greenspan's 'The Age of Turbulence.' It's a good book though the author seems to be discredited these days as most people blame him for the financial crisis. But he writes in a good style and shows how the mind of a first rate economist works. He is, of course, a world class thinker who thinks in broad strategic terms but willing to back his observations with clear detailed reasoning. He is a first class thinker despite what people say of him these days.

I had some arguments with my wife as we try to settle the plan moving forward. The main issue is the education of the kids. I hope we find a solution that will be good for all. But I feel that the kids are growing up very fast. Soon we will not be able to be part of their lives as they strike out on their own. I wonder how our lives would look like after 5 or 10 years. I told my kids that in the future, one key for success is mobility and they should be able to move to different countries and adapt. They seem to agree. It is the difficulty of relocation that makes it a stressful and heart-wrenching exercise especially if you leave your good friends.

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