Thursday, April 3, 2008

Walking Dead

An announcement will be made tomorrow afternoon on the status of the outsourcing project. We heard that the announcement has been made in the other countries and regions already last week. But the communication package needed to be translated to English so there is a delay in our shores. But the fate is inevitable - more of announcing the day of the funeral so to speak. Hence, all our foreign colleagues already know our fate before us as basically the department will be moved out of this country.

This makes me feel surreal in the current project I am working on. My colleagues at the head office in Europe know our fate already. Similarly, our project team members in Thailand know as well after word I am sure will leak out from their expatriate bosses. So I feel that in our communication with each other by email is a bit restrained as they know that I may be leaving the project soon despite being the project leader for information systems. So it feels like being like the walking dead, where every body knows that your days are numbered but keep the pretense that all is well in the project team. Of course, I can't blame them because it's none of our control or fault.

Perhaps it is just a hope that all will be like they are. Anyway, tonight I will be attending a free course on foreign exchange trading. I guess this is the fate of those who may be job less soon. Trying to look for some easy buck with the promise of untold riches. So the stock market and foreign exchange market seem like some mystical river of money where one needs to tap the riches by learning some special secret. At least it is a welcome distraction for me to learn something new in the meantime before the ax falls.

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