Monday, April 21, 2008

Good-bye Grandma

My grandmother died yesterday in the hospital. She was confined for 3 weeks before succumbing peacefully in her sleep. She wrote a note to the person watching her, thanking every body for their effort. She had a stroke about 8 years ago and she could not speak since the stroke. But her mind has always been alert and she sometime reads books. She had pneumonia and triggered her decline a few weeks back.

Her burial is three days from now but I cannot attend. I will pay my respects next time I visit my home country. I prefer to remember her at her peak when she was always smiling and it seemed that sunshine was always behind her - illuminating her radiant personality. Now she is gone and I think she is now reunited with my grandfather who died long ago when I was a teen. I think they had a special kind of love that harks back to the old traditions when things where simple. They both endured the hardships of war and endured the loss of one of their children. So I think they will be reunited and remember those wonderful times when they both started a school and taught many children.

I feel that I should go back for the wake and the burial but I cannot with all the engagement planned. I will be leaving for Bangkok tomorrow and my wife has been sick for the past 3 days. It is a difficult time for me. But my mom said it was OK and that grandma would understand. Now the problems on the inheritance would come and hope things would turn out well.

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