Monday, March 31, 2008

Done Deal

The deal with the outsource is now complete. Last week the contract was reviewed and the project team agreed to go forward. Transition is expected to be finished with 2-4 months. A lot of rumours swirling around but expect to have move news this week. I expect to speak with our personnel soon regarding my future in the company. I feel no dread except the usual anxiety about the future. I just looked at my savings and stock portfolio and it's not too bad despite some losses due to the market down trend. I sometime feel that my luck would hold and that I would be maintained by the company for at least 3 years. I think that is a good time frame especially with the kids going to junior college. I think that period is enough to sustain us until the kids reach their national service.

Looking at the basic situation, I have a bias in saying that I will be maintained for a few years at least until the situation improves. Some possibilities are 1.) being transferred to another country like Thailand or China, or 2.) working for the boss-man's company for the replacement project. These 2 possibilities are the based on a positive bias in my thinking considering my years of service plus to value of my experience that I can provide. But these probability may not come to pass considering the so called 'Black Swan' which has not entered into my calculations. But after listening to the audio book 'The World is Flat' by Thomas Freadman, my optimism has vanished and my positive bias has turned into a negative bias. But the book has offered some hope in terms of the new role that can be assumed with the new world order. So another possibility is: 3.) to work with the outsource agent.

These 3 alternatives allows me to have a stable job for the short term until a more long term situation can be determined. These 3 alternatives do not entitle me to receive a separation pay as I will continue to work on the job. A fourth alternative is 4.) receive the separation pay and look for another job. Having cash give a good feeling and allows me to look for another job. With the current economy that can take from 3-8 months of looking for another job. Hopefully, if the new job is good, I can last out to at least 3 years which will help take care of my kids junior college. This alternative may require the most change as it will entail adapting to a new company. Looking for work will also be another challenge.

The worse case scenario maybe to 5.) leave with out the separation pay and look for another job. These are the possible scenarios that can happen. After reading Freadman's book, it is now easier to understand the forces that are changing the company I work in. All these scenarios are affecting as I still have to work on my projects and have them delivered. I am also trying to earn extra money whatever happens by learning more about options and stock investing and writing a book. Hopefully, these activities will help me earn some money in my spare time. But I spend too much time reading and watching movies which is just a distraction.

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