Thursday, August 8, 2013

Stuck in the Moment

One is stuck in the moment, unable to move, unused to the bustle like a fish out of water. Imagine a reflective sort of person suddenly thrust into the role of the man of action, a reluctant participant in the game. I guess many are that sort of person, lost in the contemplative life and adrift in a constantly moving environment. When I asked the former manager, he started shadow boxing, trying to show that one needs to keep punching, basically moving without thinking, just striking out as the assaults come in. I guess the delay is caused by one’s momentary doubt, unsure of the next move. One has been here for nearly  four years, known new people and new circumstances, aware that one has worked all over the world as the supervisor said to him, so the expectations are high, of one who is experienced. Adaptability is one asset but the skill to lead intuitively or maybe acting creatively to resolve a problem is the key ability.

It is the same thing for writers, to boldly go forward without thinking, following one’s gut feeling so to speak. Someone with supreme confidence will excel, I guess like ‘winging it’ is the phrase. But unfortunately one procrastinates, listening to music to calm the mind, or write a blog entry which some writer has said is meditative in nature, the focus towards a single task. Indeed writing is like meditation because of the focus  involved, possibly the important thing is to control the mind so one thinks better and not allowing the ‘monkey brain’ to panic, revisiting scenarios like a broken record, the needle stuck in a warped groove. This is the problem in its stark reality, the confused mind running like a headless chicken, all over the place, like Mel Gibson’s character in the movie ‘Conspiracy Theory’, babbling like a maniac as his psychosis works its way through is crazy course.

One must not be afraid to make mistakes as there will be many, and one must not stay in one position but to be constantly moving, with this I mean writing emails, talking to people, making phone calls, writing notes, updating the problem ticket and so on. It is to be in a state of flux, where time disappears and one just becomes the intended role. I suddenly realized that one must call himself ‘manager’ to get in the groove and raise one’s self-esteem, that one becomes a manager like an actor assuming a role. Perhaps to orient the mind into the needed stage, so the tasks become easy like water because one’s self-image has risen. Is it the same for writers? Assuming that the writing skill is there, one just needs to call himself a ‘writer’ and prepare the mind to be one. But being a writer requires more confidence, more creative skill than a manager, though both need to constantly move and evolve as the situation arises. As the EST creator said, ‘just be’ and all will follow.

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