Tuesday, August 13, 2013

In a Bar on Friday Night

It was an interesting weekend, starting with a real estate lecture on the early evening of Friday after work, delivered by a group I have not heard of, looking like a scam at the start, which seems to be more of money laundering scheme by the mafia, but enjoying the lecture nevertheless with an office buddy. Afterwards we walked in downtown, the streets filled with merry makers with a band playing, beer sold in the street, people milling about enjoying the music, while I drank beer. We saw some people from the office, chatted a bit, and proceeded to a bar recommended by a friend, waiting in line because we had no reservation, finally entering after waiting for 20 minutes in the curb, and entering into a piano bar with great music requested by the audience. We had fun listening to the music, enjoying the antics of the singer and piano player, and enjoying the crowd as they clapped, danced, swayed to the music and drank beer. I had a couple of drinks with my friend looking at the beautiful audience, and leaving satisfied at past 9 pm, reaching home by 10 pm for a late dinner.

The next day, I attended a conference call on Saturday morning, listening to the business team go over the problems of the go live project, and deciding to stop the roll out due to an incident that occurred yesterday morning when another system sent out wrong data, sabotaging an otherwise good launch. It was decided to resume another call in the afternoon, while I had lunch and drove for nearly an hour to Musgrove Mill State Park to listen to the lecture on the battle, listening to the stories of the American commanders who fought, afterwards walking in the forest trail from the other entry way to get a different view from the previous hike I took last week. It was an enjoyable day, returning home and preparing for mass while I called in for the 2nd conference call for the day, suggesting possible plans of action, sad that the go live did not go ahead as planned. After church, we went back home, had dinner and I watched a beautiful Turkish movie called 'Journey to the Sun', a good compliment to the book I recently read on the Middle East amidst the Arab Spring.


On Sunday, we had lunch at Robinson Lake, the weather was good but our picnic was spoiled by the buzzing flies which prevented us from enjoying our lunch of fried chicken, Thai tom yum soup, Palabok noodles, hot Thai vegetables, apple cinnamon pie and custard. But we made the best of the situation, delight in the pleasant afternoon, looking at the lake, exchanging stories and leaving before 3 pm as the sound of thunder and rain came across the horizon and as dark clouds traversed the lake. We got home before the rain, watching You Tube videos about politics, healthy aging and New York Times videos. I went to bed at about 11 pm, woke up at 6 am, and went to the gym and arriving at work by 8am, right into the midst of a problem in the warehouse, unable to print the shipping labels and jumping to action straight away.  I could not attend a meeting scheduled in the morning, instead solving the problem, talking to the warehouse, and printing labels while attending the urgent meeting by phone about the Saturday fiasco, identifying the problem and creating an action plan. It was fun working in trouble shooting mode, helping users but by late afternoon, the tempest has passed and back to work with the tedium of my regular assignment.


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