Friday, March 14, 2008

March Review

Seems that the offer from the outsource was a bit high and negotiations have begun to bring down the quote to a more reasonable level. So the project may be a bit delayed. But some news of the proposal have filtered out. Particularly that some support centers maybe created in Thailand, China and the Philippines. So will be good if we will get an offer to move to one of these places. An interesting item is that aside from being paid a separation package, an incentive maybe offered to work for the outsourcer. It seems to be a good deal if topped up with a transfer - on expatriate terms - to one of these countries.

I have been going to the gym these past weeks and I finds it has made me more optimistic and less susceptible to stress and anxiety considering the outsourcing experiment. I was in Manila last week meeting with my developers so I did not exercise. But travelling by public transportation for about 2 hours every day is enough exercise especially for the nerves. I treated the developers with lunch as the project successfully has gone live. This week and the coming ones will the first ones where the Thailand users will be using the new package. So far it has been going well although the batch process is taking some time to complete. I have activated the process yesterday morning but the calculation is still ongoing as of this writing. But my spirits is good and expect no problem.

I attended a 2 day training course starting last Monday about assertiveness and conflict management. An interesting course but not intellectually stimulating. I found myself getting bored a few times but it was enjoyable. We had good sessions role-playing and having games. Met a few interesting people with the course facilitated by a lady from Portugal. The seminar was in the main shopping district in a mall that I particularly like because of the art and curio shops filled with religious items particularly Buddha figures from Tibet, contemporary paintings from China, old Mao statues from the cultural revolution, exotic Chinese lamps and furniture. It also has a good bookshop whith excellent books on Asia. An interesting place to walk around during lunch time. I went to the gym after the seminar.

Last night I attended my monthly Toastmaster meeting. I did my Advance Project 4. I have been a member for nearly 2 years and I enjoy it. It gives me a sense of accomplishment aside from keeping me fresh. I hope to finish a few more project before moving to my new job or place. Although it is still too early, I feel that change is coming. Of course it is and I will be a fool if I think that I would not be affected that somehow I will be spared the ax but it is really wishful thinking. So that is why I feel that I should attend all the trainings that I can and increase my experiences to prepare myself for the new.

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