Saturday, February 6, 2010

Winter Weather

It is the most unique and strange winter this year most people would say. Nearby ski resorts claim that it’s the best time to ski as they have the best snow in 20 years.

‘The snow is different here than in Colorado,’ said a Charlotte lady on the phone who moved here recently. She did not like the local weather because of the recent rain.

I never met her in person but she had a delightful voice. All the ladies in the South have a very seductive, sweet little girl voice that’s hard to resist. I wonder how these ladies can have that distinctive and sweet tilt like one of those little damsels in a Walt Disney movie. No matter the shape or size, ethnicity or age, the sweet girl voice is almost always there.

‘The snow here is more frozen, more sleet than snow,’ said my colleague. He stands about six feet four inches in height.

‘Up north snow is fluffier. I could shovel about 4 feet of this fluffy snow and won’t feel tired at all. But I could break my back shoveling 2 inches of this cold hard snow,’ he said.

The rain continued to fall on the cars parked in the office lot. I could see the parking lot from where I sit. My cubicle was near a glass wall where one has a wonderful view of the wide parking spaces. It was a gloomy day with dark clouds covering the sky.

Last week it snowed in the weekend. Not much snow expected this week except winter rain. The Super Bowl is scheduled on Sunday afternoon and one wonders how that event will turn out. We will be visiting friends during the Super Bowl. Barbecue, spaghetti with white sauce and maybe beer is the expected menu. I wonder what else to bring. I never watched the Super Bowl and my kids may get bored if they don’t have a chance to play video games.

‘I have had enough of this snow,’ an old colleague said. He was speaking with his wife on the phone. I could hear his conversation from my cubicle. He lives near the fools hills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. They have snow almost every day as compared to the cities here in the upstate.

‘Florida is looking real good,’ said an old lady interviewed in television last night. She lived in one of the mountain cities. Scenes of snow falling on the street, cars driving through the white slush, people pushing shopping carts under falling snow, old folks interviewed in their jackets and hood; these were the scenes in the news show.

‘I love to ski,’ said a young man. ‘I like to snow board. Just bring it on.’ He looked ready to head to the ski slopes. But the old folks did not like the snow. They lamented on the bad weather, not exactly the wonderful fluffy snow that you can build a nice friendly snow man. It was the hard rain, sleet or hail that fell.

The rain would freeze on the road making it dangerous to drive. You would not see the ice on the surface until your car skidded off the road or worse, hit another car. You need to practice driving on the snow or ice to get the hang of it. You cannot get the winter driving skills by reading or hearing about it. One must experience it. Look for an empty parking lot filled with snow and try to drive around. Don’t always press on your brakes, he said.

No more chance now as only rain fell from the skies.

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