Tuesday, February 2, 2010


I watched a documentary on philosopher Jacques Derrida, author of the deconstruction philosophy. An interesting person though sometimes reading this type of work gives me a headache. He is a controversial figure based on the material in Wikipedia. But there are other articles that praise him. Looking at his performance in the documentary, one would think there is a misunderstanding on his work. Otherwise, controversy possible due to professional competition. His reputation is such that he is considered one of more significant philosophers of this century. The French are keen on intellectual rigor and are famous for their logic and cool demeanor. But sometimes these modes of thought are not applicable in everyday life. One would prefer to have a practical state of mind than a philosophical one.

Despite the difficulty in reading such works, there are often passages that strike you with insight and impact. One wonders why the French have a considerable number of philosophers. Learning about these theories is sure to give one a headache. I guess these ideas make sense and the rigor and logic is present but one wonders if they have any meaning or relevance in the everyday life. What attracted me to this film? I guess I have heard of this new theory and one could not help but think that deconstruction does impact colonial histories where history is written by the occupying country rather than the native people. So it is an interesting concept that can be applied to the colonial Asian experience. Former bandits can now be called heroes, for example.

It snowed during the weekend and most people did not travel out of their homes due to the ice that formed over the snow. Most new shows advised people to stay home at least until Sunday afternoon when the snow and ice would have melted. But it would have been different out in the mountains where some mountain cities had 11 inches of snow. I woke up early on Saturday morning and walked to the nearby park, looking at the snow covered sidewalks and streets. It’s a nice time to exercise and walk around after a snow fall. It snowed again in the early evening though some claim that it’s sleet or frozen rain. I borrowed 8 films last week and I was able to watch about 6 movies during the weekend. I guess this becomes routine for me now: watch movies in the weekend back to back while drinking beer or scotch.

The weekend was a good example of procrastination and distraction from one’s main goal. The weekend was not a complete loss though. I cooked breakfast and dinner as my wife was not feeling well. I am starting to like cooking and this skill is good for me. I cooked fried rice; made with onions, ham, garlic, scrambled eggs and rice. I also cooked picadillo; made with ground pork meat, potatoes, carrots, onions, garlic, chicken broth, and tomatoes. So it was a productive weekend in the sense that I helped in the household chores. I also took a couple of video clips of my youngest son playing soccer as he will send it to a university coach. The only thing I did not do was writing. Sometimes I do not see the consequence of my actions which result in affecting my true goals. For instance, borrowing in the library affects my weekend time to write. Or is it because I have no structure or writing method yet.

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