Saturday, August 22, 2009

Drivers License

My wife was able to pass the driving test this morning. She can now drive legitimately and, hopefully, can bring my kids to school during the week days. My parents are arriving tonight at Atlanta International airport and I hope to leave office early as it is nearly a 3 hour drive from Greenville. My folks will be staying here for a month and I hope to spend some time visiting the places nearby. Since my kids don’t have class on Friday, I think I can plan some interesting trips to places like BMW or at Nuclear Power Plant. I guess my dad would also be eager to try some of the golf courses around so need to start practicing golf again.

With my folks here, they will be sharing my kid’s room as the room size could fit them all. But I think my kids may not be able to study due to possible distractions. So I think it would be good to pick them up in school about 2 hours after their classes end so they can study at the library or student lounge. It’s also good that my folks are here as they could help the kids adjust to the environment. It’s important that another source of wisdom or knowledge would come from my folks especially during periods of big change in our lives. But so far I think my kids like it here and the thrill of meeting new people and places, going to college and learning to drive is good for their age.

Going to the gym is also a good time for them to build up their physical well being. It’s the right period for them to exercise and make them selves’ physical strong to help handle any stress that comes their way. I hope my wife would start to exercise in the gym to get back her health. It’s a perfect storm of good opportunities coming our way as the health club costs are subsidized by the company. I never had the opportunity like them in my youth and I hope all these early experiences will help my kids adapt and be successful in their lives. I realize that my role is to provide the environment for them to grow and develop themselves, to guide them to the correct path.

Things are finally coming together. This morning I checked my account and the proceeds from my flat sale have been deposited. This is one less headache for me as well as providing the funds for my kid’s education in the coming years. I am glad that I have invested in the flat 2.5 years ago and I am reaping the benefits of that decision. I need to teach my kids financial literacy so they can benefit in the future. I feel that this is the second time I was able to benefit significantly from my investments. First, after college when I bought shares of Ayala Corporation in the Philippines which earned me about PHP 40K. Secondly, the sale of the flat in Singapore. Modest success in both stocks and real estate but really good learning experiences.

Now I feel that now is the time to earn really big. I think I have gained enough knowledge and experience sufficiently for me to exploit. This is really the place to make a lot of money compared to any other place except maybe Singapore although that arena is quite small. With surplus cash, one should be careful to prudently invest them in the right areas. But one thing that most people don’t realize also is that the path to wealth is also achieved by saving money or, simply, by not spending. While waiting for my wife at the department of motor vehicle, I read an article in Fortune on how avoid ‘death’ taxes. I good area to start thinking about now that I am closer to middle age and with my kids growing up. Everything now most especially in recent times is about financial planning and economics.

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