Monday, July 20, 2009

Global Culture

Today is 'mind expanding day' for me. We had planned to drive to Asheville but did not feel like it. Instead spent most of the day watching Internet movies. I watched 2 movies about the Philippines: a 1950's movie about the Huk rebellion and a 1970's movie called Satan's Bride or something of that ilk. The Satan movie starred a very young Tom Selleck. I enjoyed both movies although some would called them low rate B-movies. The Tom Selleck movie was about witches burned in Manila during the Spanish period. It showed some interesting scenes of Manila in the 1970's possibly around the time when Martial Law was declared. The movie about the Huk was filmed mostly in the province in a sugar plantation and mill. But it had some interesting scenes of 1950's Manila and Intramuros before the reconstruction.

I think I will spend more time looking at these free movies in the Internet from now on. I got a letter today from the cable company telling me to stop downloading movies. So I should tell the my folks here to stop or will end up in the wrong side of the law. I also watched the British Open and I was hoping that Tom Watson would win. He was so close and he would have achieved some record at his age if he had won. Sadly he made a mistake in the 18th hole where he could have finished the tournament. Instead he went into a playoff with Cink Stewart who eventually won. But looking at Tom Watson play golf reminded me of my father and the times he would spend watching television in my youth. Watching Tom also gave of a feeling of stability; it's like an old hero came out into the present to give people hope and a sense of familiarity to old values.

During the intermission, I read WIRED magazine. I like the article and it keeps me up to date. They writers are connected to the latest trends and are smart and trendsetter themselves. These days I like to read WIRED and VANITY FAIR for the political and social article. I also like reading FORTUNE to keep me updated on the economy and business. There is so many things going on that one cannot miss reading. In fact these effort will just put your foot in the door but you still have to hustle to get through. I also watched a video on South Carolina so I know more about this place and I can also plan my vacations. From the video, only Charleston, Myrtle beach and Hilton Head were featured a lot with only one place in the Upstate which I forgot now. So South Carolina is known for the cities along the Atlantic Ocean for vacation and recreation.

I am glad I stayed home as gave me a chance to read the SC drivers manual. I really need to work on my license soon and hopefully complete my application by this week. I was able to see also a video about You Tube by a Kansas university Anthropologist. I did not know how connected and linked the world is or about the emergence of a global culture. I have been reading about this emerging global culture in books but it was only on this video that I was able to see how it works. I was led to this website by an article I read in WIRED which made me understand more the world we live in. It's all a connected world and it's only now that I am able to make sense of it all. At the center seems to be Google and it's ability to make money on this new world. There was an article in WIRED about the auction of advertising so everything came together in my head.

I think the key is modularization, networking and collaboration. It's only now that technology is making everything work. An interesting part of the You Tube video is the section about technology helping people understand themselves and this world. By blogging and making videos of themselves talking about life makes them adjust more successfully. This is where it gets interesting, where technology is empowering people, helping people discover themselves, be better persons and connecting people like never before to achieve incredible things. An article in WIRED says that the American car industry in Detroit will only survive if it is able to harness this new way of organization - modular and networked to achieve leadership in new car technologies. It is quite heady stuff and recession and crisis is making it all the more relevant.

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