Friday, September 26, 2008

Working Listlessly

I spoke with my colleague during lunch about feeling lazy and bored at work. He is also feeling the same way. Usually I just surf the net and only work when deadlines are near. For the past few days we attended trainings in the morning and afternoon with outsource companies. We also receive receive mails from project office to complete some forms. Not to the mention the usual queries from our customers on the status of our projects. Of course, the current situation where we're not sure of our future is making the whole thing worse.

So I feel I should go on holiday and relax instead of wasting my time in the office trolling the Internet. But I have learned a lot of new things by surfing. It's the only place where I can focus my attention. I cannot seem to focus on any other thing. In fact, it's also affecting the folks at the project office as well. I was supposed to have a meeting this morning with one of them but he postponed to next Monday. He is in Shanghai now and sees we're all trying to do more things at the same time. Like Obama when he said that McCain should learn how to multi-task though I think McCain is just trying to avoid a debate.

I reviewed the last few decades of my life to assess if I have spent my time correctly. I think the activities that have made me a better person are as follows:

- teens
college, girl friend, fraternity, journal writing and barkada
- 20's
completing my MBA, getting married, raising kids and building my house
- 30's
doing projects, travelling all over Asia, learning about project management and www
- 40's
living abroad, blogging, PMP certification, Toastmaster and public speaking

These are the major activities that I seem to put more value at my present age. Looking back, I think that it's really a normal life although I think I started early with my family life. I always feel I should so some review of my life after every few years before embarking on a new change. I think I will be working out of Asia soon and I am waiting for a job offer. I think now is the time to listen to an audio book I bought in my last trip home about life strategies.

In a recent review of Orhan Pamuk's book 'The White Castle', the reviewer compared the East and the West. The East according to the reviewer is more spontaneous and fluid with less time for introspection. The West on the other hand, spend to much time on analysis and introspection. I wonder if the reverse is true. If writing in a blog is about self-reflection, am I more Western than Eastern?

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