Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A Whole New Mind

We had a meeting today with the boss man. It went well for my part but a little difficult for the finance guy. Nothing out of the ordinary from him with his usual staff lectures. But he was kind to me and I delivered a good presentation. I felt a bit tired because I slept late last night finishing my speech. I am participating in a humorous contest speech this week and I just finished my speech last night. I typed the speech and recorded myself afterwards. I listened to my finished speech and feel more confident than in the past. It will be more challenging this week because I will be without notes. I slept at about half past midnight and woke early because I needed to be at the office before 9pm. So now I feel tired because of the pace.

I listened to an audio CD on NLP and learned some new tools. Such as associating or disassociating myself to my past memories so I could 're-code' my memory in a different and more positive light. I like that idea of 're-coding' memory like it has a chance of changing my future. It is more like my experiments in 'cognitive restructuring'. It is a tool to change perceptions and improve the thinking process. I started to read Edward de Bono again and saw a few of his books in the library. I finished the NLP audio book yesterday and borrowed a new one-Robert Kaplan's 'Imperial Grunts.' It looks like a good book on the American military.

I have stepped up the pace of my activities - exercising more, reading more, doing things more like I will not be doing these usual things anymore in the near future. But I feel full like my mind is already beyond it's peak. But I think it is because I have achieved my goals set 5 year ago and I have nothing else to do. It's like I now could go forward to the next level but my past indulgence or bias or mis-conception are still holding me back. Or even the lack of confidence maybe preventing me into becoming a better person. It's like mind cannot go beyond it's usual pattern of wrong thoughts. So that is why I am studying things like NLP or strength finder to guide me out of my present blocks. I think now is the time to set new targets at a higher level or maybe a change of scenery is needed to keep me fresh.

I read a book recently called 'A Whole New Mind.' I think it's a good starting point to help me improve. It's funny because other books like M.Buckingham states that you are already all you can be and it's just a matter of focusing on your strengths. So I guess this is another challenge for me and all I need is to change my perception and accept myself the way I am. Books like 'A Whole New Mind' help in acquiring new skills and knowledge just like NLP and speech training. These are just new skills and my talents have been the same all along. So I could just focus on my talents and, thereby, develop my true strengths more. I think the best way is to stop thinking about myself and talk more about current events and things that affect me. This way I will stop the churning of my mind and avoid being focused on myself.

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Raymond Thomas said...

Hi Juan - very inspiring. I am in Singapore too. I was wondering if you can share your mind map of A Whole New Mind with me. I plan to start reading this book today.

The book was reviewed on Oprah and I would like to learn more about it.

You can email me at raymond@raymondthomas.com.

Thanks much.