Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Sense Making

I started to read articles on sense making and systems thinking to try to understand my recent troubles. There is a need to have a new framework to understand and analyse the current situation as I was unable to apply my usual tools to address the problem. I failed to take into account other factors which maybe beyond my usual field usual vision and understanding. I was blind sided as I found myself out of my compentency.

So concepts like systems thinking which considers the relationship between people within the organization. So I tried to make a mind-map to understand the relationship between the major stakeholder and the politics involved. So this gives me a different view to understand the situation. In this framework, it is not really about tools and techniques and procedures and more about relationship of each part that makes the whole system.

This allows a different aspect in making sense of the situation. 'Sense making' which is about situation awareness maybe is the key to understand the project failures which occurred. Mind maps helps to diagram the relationships between people or the parts within the system and display the whole system.

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